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Surprise! Surprise! From Fashionvalet!

Memang surprise sangat ok? Because I had no idea that they were going to do this as the package was hand-delivered straight to my office in Bangsar! 

Fashionvalet, they really go the extra mile to surprise their customers and I sangat tabik spring for this!

Actually I was in a meeting when they text-ed me; "Hello Shila! We're from Fashionvalet and we've got a little something you. Come down to the lobby and meet us ya" and yeah, my focus on the business plan agendas got sidetracked immediately, haha. I just had to excuse myself from the discussion (10 minutes je pun, come onnn) and excitedly ran to the lobby to meet them! 

Now look, the super awesomeness surprise that was spilled into my lap; JAMIE OLIVER  CREME BRULEE SET including the BLOW TORCH! 

How can one not be delighted by this kind of surprise? Plus, when winning a contest is absolutely not my forte, let alone hoping for luck in a lucky draw, of course lah I excited melampau when FV decided to surprise me with this Jamie Oliver stuff hehehe. *smugggg*

By the way, this is all due to the this Instagram hashtag -- #mykindathing yang FV organized (plus because they mentioned "a surprise might come your way" haha) , so I apa lagi, hashtagged lah my Insta posts yang sangat SCREAM Shilashower hahaha. I mean if at one glance pun, even without looking at the nickname, people can already tell "ni photo Shilashower, konfem!" ahahaha, like that lah. 

But at this moment, this pretty box I simpan dulu dalam display cabinet, hehehe. So sayang to rasmikan, plus I need to do some research (read: Google) on the dos and don'ts in making the best creme brulee, because I'm worried if I ended up blowing everything up including the ramekins, rentung pulak dapur I nanti :P

Akhir kata, THANK YOU FASHIONVALET! and yer, marilah online shopping di FV lagi ;P

Butter Cookies and Royal Icing

Ok, due to the overwhelming requests from FB, Insta and Twitter followers, I hereby share the Butter Cookies and Royal Icing recipe that I cedok from Google hehehe. Incredibly easy and simple recipe for you to try, even for beginners. But of course before you can bake cookies, you need the basic tools :P -- rolling pin, cookie cutters, baking sheet, piping bag & etc. 


  • 4 cups self-raising flour (plus a bit more for work surface, if needed)
  • 225g butter, softened (i simply campak 1 stick of 250g butter, because my kitchen scale has now become Aiman's toy with playdoh on it)
  • 2 cups castor sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

(Royal Icing)

I used meringue powder. Simple and less messy as no eggs involved.
  • 3 tablespoons meringue powder
  • 4 cups icing sugar
  • 5-6 tablespoons warm water (more or less, depending on the consistency you need)

How to:


1. Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt into a large bowl.

2. Put the butter and sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on medium speed until mixture is fluffy and light.

3. Add eggs and vanilla, and mix until combined. 

4. Reduce the speed to low, and slowly add the flour mixture to the butter and sugar mixture, mixing on low speed until the dough comes together and smooth (or you may want to mix the dough by hand, that's fine too).

5. Turn the dough out onto a sheet of plastic wrap, divide into quarters and wrap each piece in plastic wrap, then chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

6. When you are ready to bake the cookies, preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line baking trays with parchment paper.

7. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and let it soften slightly. Using a rolling pin dusted with flour, roll out 1 of the dough quarters, (keeping the others refrigerated until you need them), on a lightly floured work surface, to a desired thickness. 

8. Cut the cookies into the shapes, then use a metal spatula to transfer the cookies to 1 of the prepared baking sheets, spacing about 1 1/2 inches apart. 

9. Repeat with remaining dough, and bake the cookies until they are lightly brown around the edges and on the bottom, about 8 to 12 minutes. Cool briefly on the tray, then use a metal spatula to transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.

(Royal Icing)

1. Beat all ingredients until icing forms peaks (7-10 minutes at low speed with a heavy-duty mixer, 10-12 minutes at high speed with a hand-held mixer).

2. Divide and tint frosting with liquid or paste food coloring, in whatever colors you desire.

3. Place color frosting one at a time in a piping bag, or in a resealable plastic freezer bags with one small corner cut off. 

4. Decorate as desired with whatever design you fancy. Let cookies stand at room temperature until piping is set.

Note: Keep all utensils completely grease-free for proper icing consistency. For stiffer icing, use 1 tablespoon less water. Or you can add 1/2 teaspoon water at a time until you reach proper consistency for your cookies


1. Be sure to mix baking soda into the flour before adding to the wet ingredients, as this distributes everything evenly, so your cookies will not end up with large holes.

2. Eggs should be at room temperature. The emulsion can be ruined if eggs or other liquids are too cold or too hot when added to the mixture.

3. Too much flour can make some cookies rock-hard. Spoon the flour into your measuring cup and sweep a spatula across the top to level it off. Don't use the measuring cup as a scoop because it will pack the flour and you will end up with more flour in the cup than intended. 

4. Make sure your butter is at room temperature, otherwise it won't cream properly with the sugar.

5. Preheat the oven 10 to 15 minutes before you begin baking cookies.

6. Bake one cookie sheet at a time, and be sure that the cookie sheet fits in your oven with at least one-inch of space around its edges for proper heat circulation. Avoid placing one tray above another in the oven, as this causes uneven baking. Cookies should be baked in the center of the oven.

7. Remove baked cookies from cookie sheet to wire rack immediately to prevent further baking. If cookies are left on the sheet to cool, it will later be very difficult to remove (this will keep cookies from tearing or breaking).



I finally have my own craft area. I said AREA, not a ROOM because it's basically a home-office-craft-studio-playroom all in one. Haha. Since we only have one extra room to accommodate for all three sections, we therefore have to take a fair share of the space left. Amiklah sorang sikit, every square foot counts ok. Ayah needs his own working desk, Mama longing for her craft section whereas kiddos definitely need their own play area. 

We didn't spend a dime but amazingly, we managed to make everything looks nice, neat and tidy. Look! Now I can finally see all of my yummy-colored ribbons clearly. Thanks to this RM8.90 curtain rod from IKEA that came in a smaller diameter hence it fits every spool just right. For all leftover ribbons, all chucked into a big glass jar. I'm so happy with the way it turned out -- my burgeoning ribbon supply is now perfectly organized! 

I'm not done yet tho with the area and I have tons of ideas rolling around in my head. The other side of the wall looking rather bored, maybe needs more frames and posters but I'll save that for another day. Because what most important now is to buy more boxes or baskets to store my ever increasing baby diaper cakes supplies, pronto! 

To my husband, I love you to infinity and beyond! For supporting me, for making my job more pleasant and for believing to all my crazy ideas. ;) And to Haris Bersaudara, for being all nice and good, at least tak kacau barang-barang Mama ehehehe. Seriously, that is more than enough :P

Clear Seafood Tomyam

Yer, mungkin blog ni dah selayaknya masuk zone blog masak-memasak. Muahaha. Nothing much yang best dalam kehidupan sekarang, I mean takdak yang happening sangat nak dikongsikan. Rutin harian pun sama jer, cuma ada sedikit mandom mungkin seirama dengan musim hujan la ni. Bukan apa, stress amats pergi balik office dalam keadaan traffic yang hazabedah, so bila sampai rumah mood dah kelaut. Minggu lepas kot, ada few days langsung tak masak dekat rumah, kering kemas jer dapur, sebab sampai rumah pun dah 10pm, takkan nak masak lagi. Memang meng-obes-kan rakyat jelata dalam rumah jer. -_____-

Owh, between last weekend in-laws kita datang rumah. Buat lawatan ke rumah anak menantu. The best part is dapat ilmu hands-on how to masak kari kepala ikan versi bapak mertuaku. Yes, my FIL cooks, my MIL assistant chep saja. Cool eyh? Rupanya rahsia dia ialah mangga muda and halwa buah pala, masukkan dalam kari kepala ikan tu. Haha. Korang pun tak terimagine how tapi itulah penyedap rasa dia. Tapi tidaklah humban gitu jer dalam periuk, adalah teknik-teknik nya. Yang ni nantilah kalau rajin kita share. Sebab nak handle kepala ikan tu pun punya mencabar and yang pasti, I memang tak makan kepala ikan, hahahah so malas nak share resepi kalau tuan tanah tak makan. Kehkehkehkeh. :P

Ok, resepi hari ni yer Mak Jemah sekalian, ialah Clear Seafood Tomyam. Bahana kemaruk sangat dengan tomyam dekat Basil restaurant, tapi tidoklah mampu kalau hari-hari nak makan kannnn, so balik buat sendiri. First time buat, sedap pedas tapi ada kurang dua bahan. Coriander and dried chilies  And kita letak ayam, so kuah dia jadi not so clear water-no-boya lah gitu. So semalam try lagi. JADI u'ollzzzzz. Siap dengan Mango Salad lagi, nak bagi feeling-feeling Thai gitewww. 

Then biasalah, dah masak, photos terus up dekat Facebook and Instagram. Skali Mama kita komen laaa, "Jangan buat tomyam kalau tak cukup bahan untuk hantar dekat rumah Mama" -______________- *guilty* hewhewhewhew. Takpa, nanti chek buat lagi, satu periuk besaq. Semalam buat sebab sorang makan, adalah sekoq ketam, sekoq sotong besaq, 4 ekoq udang harimau. Sekian, itu pun share-share dengan Aiman. Buat banyak pun, Kown and Adam bukan makan seafoods. :P

So here you go. Resepi pantas sesuai dibuat oleh mak-mak yang balik kira nak masak rempit-rempit je kat dapur. Senang okeh?

Clear Seafood Tomyam

2 Bawang Besar (cut into rings)
2 Serai (Hiris nipis. Why slice? I ikut Basil punya haha)
2 Inci Halia (Hiris)
5 Daun Limau Purut
3-4 Limes
Cili Padi (adjust to your liking, nak pedas macam mana)
3 Tbsp Fish Sauce
3/4 Cube Chicken Stock 
Mushroom (I tak jumpa Straw Mushroom, so I guna Oyster Mushroom)
Daun ketumbar (huihhhh ni kalau takdak, walaupun hanya daun, tapi bau macam tak up sangat. Kena ada baru best)
Cili Kering (goreng sikit, untuk garnish)

[1] Panaskan air dalam periuk over high heat. Masukkan bawang besar, serai and halia. 
[2] Once dah mendidih, masukkan daun limau purut, cili padi, fish sauce and chicken stock. Biar mendidih dalam 3-4 minit.
[3] Then masukkan seafoods.
[4] Then masukkan tomatoes and mushrooms. Boil for another 10 minutes to ensure udang, ketam and sotong is cooked through. 
[5] Finally add the lime juice. Then adjust the seasoning and taste. Kot nak tambah lagi fish sauce and garam gula. 
[6] Garnish with coriander leaves and dried chilies yang digoreng tadi. 

Lagi dua ni, resepi nanti kita share. Dah macam kedai makan pulak rasa hehe...

ICI Dulux color code living room rumah kita :)

Okek, sebab banyak sangat email yang bertanyakan color code dinding rumah ni (living room) so I jawab terus dekat sini. Esok kalau ada orang tanya lagi, kita suruh google saja. Hehe. Sama macam orang dok mintak resepi Carbonara and few other matters :P

Ada dua warna actually, living room and dining area, both look alike but actually yang ruang tamu tu slightly darker than the dining area.

Color code:
BALI HAI 56GG 64/258
AQUA SKY 56GG 77/156

For better viewing, you kena refer the color chart dekat kedai tu, sebab you mungkin suka anything darker or lighter than the above. Silap haribulan rambang mata, terus pilih warna lain. Owh, kita guna cat ICI Dulux Easy Clean. Jangan tanya contact number tukang cat, sebab kita orang DIY :)

BALI HAI 56GG 64/258

 AQUA SKY 56GG 77/156

Ikea Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Ada orang tanya, "asyik makan macam ni, tak naik berat ker?"

Errr, errr...berat kita maintain, berat Haris Bersaudara naik, berat Mat Kown entah kita tak sure, haha.

Why diet when you can resolve to cook at home? :P Haha, mentang-mentang dah tak replace dinner dengan shake kan :P Well, at least pilihan ingredients untuk santapan ahli keluarga tu lebih baikkan? Tak guna minyak sawit, tak buat deep fry, go organic if you can, garam very minimal, ajinomoto jangan harap and stuff like that. Rasa nak makan sangat nasi, you can always opt for brown rice. Tapi in between, ada jugak terselit dessert manis, hehehe. Tapi dua minggu sekali, takpa la kan. Yang penting no supper sebab ini paling menjahanamkan berat badan. Seriously. 

Apapun, kat bawah ni I share recipe Swedish Meatballs the Ikea style. Tapi recipe asal tu dia tu ada mix pork -__-"Alerrr, omputihkan. So kita ni guna la beef saja. Kalau malas nak buat meatballs sendiri, pi beli yang dah siap dekat supermarket, balik goreng saja and buat cream sauce. Lebih easy peasy okies?

Recipe taken from here.

Ingredients of meatballs: 
500gm minced beef (alter sikit, sebab original recipe mix with pork)
1 egg (large size) 
200-300 ml cream and water (or milk and water) (I added both cream and milk hehe) 
2½ tbsp onion, finely chopped 
50 ml unsweetened rusk flour (boleh guna breadcrumbs) 
2 cold boiled potatoes 
4-5 tbsp butter, margarine or oil (I used salted butter)
Salt, white pepper to taste. 


  • Heat the onion till golden in a couple of tablespoons of lightly browned butter. 
  • Mash the potatoes and moisten the rusk flour in a little water. 
  • Mix all the ingredients into a smooth mixture of the right consistency.
  • Flavor generously with salt, white pepper and (optional) a little fine-crushed allspice. 
  • Use a pair of spoons rinsed in water, shape the mixture into relatively large, round balls and transfer to a floured chopping board, then fry them slowly in plenty of butter. 

Ingredients of cream sauce: 
100 ml cream 
200 ml water or beef stock 
Chinese soya sauce (I used 1 tbsp Kicap Kipas Udang) 
1 tbsp white flour salt (I used corn flour)
1 tsp white pepper 

Swirl the water or beef stock in a pan. (Cook over medium heat.) 
Add cream and thicken with white flour if preferred. 
Season well with salt and pepper. 

I served meatballs dengan large-cut fries and strawberry/raspberry jam sebab I couldn't find Lingonberry jam at all. And for the sauce, I set aside half sebab Aiman prefers to eat with pasta linguine. :P

The Perfect Omelette

Well, at least this is perfect in my eyes and it tastes really good too. I know, this skill may have been mastered by many since long time ago *helo labuuuu? ini omelette pun tak reti ker?* but seriously, I always fail at making a neat looking omelette. Don't laugh people. Making a good omelette *like they do in hotel* is not easy as seen unless you don't mind settling with ragged and little overcooked output. -______-" 

Since I just added cooking into my list of hobbies & interests *ehem, clear throat* I decided to brush up my goreng-telur skill a little bit more. Muahahah. The simplest thing of all lah kan? Thanks to technology for giving me such a great teacher named Google. ^____^ 2 hours of browsing, I have learned a lot about the "art" of making great omelette. Haiyohhh, never realized of such thing before; I thought it's completely fine to just whisk everything together and dump the ingredients into the pan. :P No.

Anyway, tips taken were demonstrated and tadaaaa! well done, yellow in color, round in shape, edges firm up yet very creamy in the middle. ^___^

Adam's comment last night "Mama!! Wahhhh cantiknya telur niiiii" Fine I know. Those previously made memang serabai tahap rambut mak lampir :/ This one is creamy, silky and nothing like I had made before. Haha.

So here the dos and don'ts.

  • Use butter. Real butter. I used salted butter.
  • Use at least three eggs. 3 okels?
  • Prepare ingredients in advance and set them separately (onions/bell peppers/tomatoes/etc). 
  • Add few drops of water into egg batter (steam from water bubbles help to make omelette cook evenly and puffy) I used 1 tbsp of fresh milk.
  • Use super low heat hence waiting is essential.  
  • Whisk egg batter only when you are ready to cook. Do not prepare any and set aside while you get other things done. 
  • Add a pinch of baking powder. ;)
  • Cover the pan while waiting for your omelette to cook. 

  • Don't flip omelette at all. 
  • Don't use salt. Google said salt breaks down the egg texture. That's the reason why I used salted butter, to accommodate the taste.

How to:
[1] Heat non stick pan.
[2] Add butter and it should bubble up almost immediately. Tilt the pan to coat it evenly.
[3] As butter foam starts browning, pour in eggs. Cover the pan.
[4] Once bottom of the omelette starts to thicken and the top still a bit runny/creamy, sprinkle the ingredients but not too much. Cover the pan.
[5] Let the omelette brown for few seconds (less than a minute) and yeszaaa, perfect omelette is ready to serve.

The hidden talent :P

Now I know why most mom love their kitchen. Ever since I have my dapur sendirian berhad ni, wah wah wah that area has been my most favorite place of all. I feel the happiest there even it's just a tiny little kitchen (it's ok, so long the space is organized and functional). Still that's where I spend most of my time when I'm home, doing my best to polish up my cooking skills. 

I love cook books and blogs. Yes, those awesome cooking blogs that always come handy when I'm in the kitchen. Via phone/tablet, cooking blogs are the nicest source for me to flip through recipes hehe. I still remember my mom's recipes logbook, ahhh those days, for every recipe that you wish to try you kena salin. Luckily not anymore now, zaman dah moden Mama, we used iPhone. Hehehe. Agaknya zaman cucu I, recipes book dah version hologram kot. :P

My husband, he knows that I can cook but he just found it amusing that I can do it everyday. Hahaha. Because I'm just plain lazy to do so previously sebab duduk rumah Mama, so ala-ala tak kisah nak masak :P Ok, I'm not a pro but hey my food is edible. At least I can jamu my friends makan-makan and none of them have suffered from any serious food poisoning haha. Better still, my husband and kids enjoy the meals, particularly Aiman who simply wallops everything on his plate.

So much that I enjoy trying my hand at new recipes, there's still a lot to improve; technically (i.e. fish - scraping, scaling, gutting whattttt??) -_____-" Kena pergi course 'siang-ikan' agaknya or else, I shall settle for "bang, tolong siang ikan tu siap-siap ye" for the rest of my life. 

 Spicy Turket Wrap with Salsa and Cream Cheese

Ayam Padprik

 Crunchy Dijon Sald

 Nasi Goreng Leftover haha.

 Pancake Enak Rasa by Mat Kown :P

Ayam masak kicap. Yang ni signature dish Mat Kown. Dia buat. Timun tu trademark hahaha.

 Breakfast for Dinner

 Beef Tenderloin Soup

 Kuey Teow Hailam 

 Award winning dessert muahaha. Custard Cocktail Pudding. 

 Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis & Telur Rebus. 2 in 1 gituuu. :P

 Chicken Linguine Soup

 Kuih Cara. Yang ni memang Mat Kown kagum hehe.

 Chili Crab! 

 Egg Tofu and Mix Veggies

Nasi Goreng Ada Style. Haha. 

Ada dua dishes lagi yang tak sempat snap photo, Golek Ayam and Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi. Belum sempat amik gambar, Mat Kown dah senduk masuk pinggan. Aler, terus tak stylo presentation dia. Haha.

Ikea Hacker - Kitchen Breakfast Bar/Divider

We played "lego" with these three Ikea items (2 Expedit shelving units and Vika Amon table top) and tadaaa! a breakfast bar is constructed in less than 10 minutes. Well, not counting item's assembling time of course hehe. ;)

And since we have an open kitchen plan, this thing also serves as a divider between kitchen and the dining area. 

Most importantly it doesn't cost a bomb! 

Anyway, we are yet to screw the table top fastener to properly attach the table top to its base but worry not, even without ones, the whole item fit each other perfectly. (It's the combination of Vika Amon heavy weight and Expedit wide base that stabilizes this kitchen bar) Great eyh?

BUSY *capslock*bold* BUSY

Cycle busy at work sudah kembali. Tapi ini tahap dewata raya, tahap nak balik kena check dengan bos dulu boleh balik tak *as if I am so important that she needs me sangat lah kan hahaha* tapi memang kena bagitau pun. Punya kronik sampai petang orang dah balik raya kacau rendang bagai, I duduk dalam ofis lagi dok goreng numbers. Khamis malam pukul 11 baru rempit balik Kedah, tapi tak rempit mana pun sebab traffic very bad, sampai Aloq Staq pukui 6 pagi. Gambar raya apa pun tak amik, kami suami isteri kira nak tidok saja, hahaha. Anak-anak terlepas main tunggang langgang tak ingat dunia dah. Sampai Adam cakap "Eyh?? Mama tak say No pun?" Hahaha. Aiman pulak tanya, "Mama tak marah kerrr??" -______- 

Dua minggu hidup tak terurus, balik rumah kira nak tidok saja. Baju dekat rumah Mama dah menggunung mintak dilipat, barang dekat kondo pulak dah macam hapaa lagi menimbun, belum sempat kemas. T____T Baru nak feeling-feeling rumah baru, langsung tak sempat nak balik rumah hahaha sebab busy dekat office.

Tergendala nak deko-deko Shilashower tau. Sebab selalunya kerja pergi Ikea, pergi Tesco ke mana ke, nak beli barang rumah tu kita buat after office hour. Sebab kids tak bawak, so senang beli, cepat kerja siap. Tapi ni dah hari-hari balik tengah malam, weekend pulak banyak kerja lain, camno? Itu pun memang nasib baik Tesco bukak sampai pukul 1 pagi, so kalau balik office pukui 11 malam pun, still boleh redah Tesco Mutiara Damansara beli barang. Kalau weekend baru nak pi dengan Adam Aiman, ohhhhhh janganlah harap. Boleh kejung I'ollz di situ. 

Ha lepas tu, ini ada masalah duniawi dengan Aiman. Suka sangat main suis sekarang ni. Dan segala pekakas elektrik yang lain. Masuk rumah baru ni, dia tak usik pun benda-benda perhiasan ke, barang-barang kaca ke apa, tapi segala suis, plugs dan electrical items dalam rumah tu dia nak buat main. Caught him once dekat rumah my parents, cuba nak pasang iron! Homaiiiiiiii. Dah cuba cari penutup suis yang jenis flat tu tapi tak jumpa. If anyone knows mana nak dapat, silalah habaq dekat kami. Nak kena beli sangat-sangat. 

Ok dah, sambung balik cerita busy tadi. 

Ni dah nak masuk November, I am supposed to tempah baju kurung baju glemer untuk kenduri-kenduri yang menanti, tapi apakan daya, nak bawak kaki jalan pi tailor punya lah tak menyempat. Tsk...Jangan tak ada baju vogi-the-vasss sudah la, tak glemer la I'olls dalam gambar nanti hehe..

Instagram, dah dekat seminggu I tak berumahtangga dekat situ. Twitter apatah lah. Kalau tak, boleh kata every hour dok check updates, menyebok tengok gambaq orang, kehkehkeh. Tapi sekarang, boleh browse sehari sekali pun dah kira free sangat ler tuh. Cepatlah Business Plan cycle ni habes, Mak Jemah nak pergi relax minda pulak. 

But I am not complaining anything about works. Sebab I pun selalu masuk ofis lambat kan, tapi when it comes to works, I memang have no objection kalau kena kerja lebih masa. My number one rule, JANGAN BAWAK BALIK KERJA KE RUMAH. KPI dekat rumah pun tak tercapai, tak payah nak gigih sangat angkut KPI ofis balik rumah. So, kalau kena bertapa dalam ofis sampai subuh pun, silakan buat. Sebab memang kenyataannya, kalau dekat rumah memang tak boleh buat kerja, so tak payah nak workaholic beria. Hehe. Sekian. 

Beli barang elektrik ONLINE. Whatttt??

What? What? What? Beli fridge online? washing machine, dryer all online?

Ha tudiaaa zaman punya moden, serba serbi di hujung jari. 


Price dirt cheap, no other shops can beat the price. Wa sudah pusing wooo dari kedai orang kaya beli tak payah tengok harga Harvey Norman to Kedai Ci Cong Kai daerah Kepong, nadaaaa, Jintex wins. Price ohsem gile murah beratus. Washer, fridge, dryer each item ada beza harga 200-300 oih. Kalau tiga barang save, dah dekat RM1000 penjimatan di situ. 

Kedai ni banyak barang Electrolux which another hensem point there. Sebab I memang suka Electrolux, looking at my parents' at least 20 years old fridge and washing machine and vacuum. Barang-barang tu habis nyawa pun sebab worldwide dah tak juai spareparts for that 1980's model. Punyalah lama pakai. So grown up with Electrolux so bila nak beli sendiri, I pun mencari yang sama.

By random I found this shop online. Baca testimonials, boleh kata 95% all from satisfied and happy customers. And most of them bought their items online too. Haha, tapi I is very makcik Jemah, don't want to pay online maaaaa because they charged extra 2% for payment via credit/debit card. So I go to the kedai leyyyy. Dekat Seapark. Thank God that I'm born to be a road-friendly-sesat-no-worry kind of person. 

Bila tengok address, where the heck is Seapark? PJ area, I fail big time you know. Tapi apa guna kereta, apa guna telefon. 5-6 kali dok telefon si Kevin mintak direction, sampai jugak I dekat kedai depa ni. Sesat jugak sikit, tapi no hal. I am still within Malaysia map. :P

Yer tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kedai memang tengok dari luar ala-ala old skool ajer. Masuk dalam pun sama. Lebih rupa pada kedai servis barang elektrik berbanding kedai menjual barang elektrik. No proper display shelves and not many items available for you to view pun. Maybe modus operandi dia online kan, apa nak kedai lawa-lawa.

Nevertheless, the service is tip top. Seng Heng ke apa yang I dok pegi tu pun tak layan bagus macam ni. And I found my 320L Electrolux fridge here. RM1200. Hekhekhek. Kedai lain kalau dalam 320-350ml, paling koman price RM1400. Nak nampak murah sikit, depa buh harga RM1399. Dryer Electrolux 6.5kg RM1080! Adoooo nak jumpo tempat lain? Takdok. Paling cabuk Tesco buat promo pun RM1499. I told you, this kedai ah, the price ah, very murah woooo. If not murah pun, tapi ini je lah satu-satunya yang price tag sama dengan bajet kami haha. 

And the best part lagi, tengah hari bayar, by 5pm barang dah sedia sampai dekat rumah, siap pasang complete semua. Oh no, we didn't pay for any extra delivery and installation charges pun. Save lagi duit di situ. Biasa ler, jangan lupa, I kan diva nak barang murah jerrr. Want brand-brand, but no want to pay mahai-mahai *blow nails like Rosie Phua Chu Kang* haha. Warranty all included, so no worries. 

So kalau ada sapa-sapa dok mencari barang elektrik, you may want to browse through Jintex Electronics website dulu. Mana tau, barang yang dicari ada dekat situ dengan harga yang lebih murah? 

Curtain murah, carpet murah, poster lagi murahhhh!

Hehehe. Murah is the keyword. Nak cantik tu dah semestinya, tapi nak yang murah :P Tema rumah aqua mint white. Haaa kau. Pastu ada brown sikit2. But overall macam white lah kot. Ada jugak yang tanya, tak takut Haris Bersaudara kotorkan ker? Mestilah takut, tapi kalau ikut observation dia orang ni bukan jenis suka tumpah-tumpah makanan or air ke apa, sebab time makan still within control. Yang payah nak control Aiman ni bila tang suis and electrical items. Dia suka main tekan on off. -_____-" Bab panjat memanjat, sepah rumah, still within control. Maksudnya, at times dia buat jugak perangai sepah rumah but not everyday. So kita orang pun yakin diri nak mencantikkan rumah jugak, dengan harapan kids will learn to take good care of their new home. Harap lah. Hahaha. 

Ok back to carpet murah curtain murah, hari tu dah survey dekat Jalan TAR, tapi tak ado yang Mak Enchek berkenan. Pak Enchek tak apa, dia ikut saja sebab kaki dia tak larat nak pusing dah, haha. Curtain yang ado semua pesen lip lap lip lap berkilat. Tau la nak Deepavali pun kan. Curtain je dah bercahaya semacam. Masuk Sara Hughes, masuk Jakel semua tak berkenan. Entahlah, sebab I cari yang curtain simple-simple, bukan bunga-bunga. Bunga I no like. :P 

Carpet pun survey jugak, tapi maheyyy nya ya ampun. Kita nak bubuh carpet buat syarat jer, rumah takdak carpet kat living hall macam tak hensem pulak. Unless lantai marble. Curtain tak kena selera, carpet pulak mahal berdengung, so KIV lah. Carpet pun pesen bunga-bunga I no like. Haha. 

Sampailah semalam, pusing masuk IKEA. Cerita asal nak order Billy tv rack yang siap book shelves kiri kanan tu, tapi biasalah, plan memang selalu tersasar je kan. We ended up buying carpet and tempah curtains from IKEA. Dirt cheap! Tak boleh tolak. Haha. Yang paling penting, design menepati selera tuan rumah. Tak pernah pulak survey curtains ikea sebab ingat mahal, sekali murah la jugak. Kain ada pilihan yang RM15.90 - RM25.90 per meter, which quality ok, design kita suka. Tempah jahit by panel. Kita orang memang pesen tok nenek dahulu kala, suka French pleat, so they charged RM9 per panel. Murah ler. Total buat curtains untuk sliding door besar gedabak I tell yewww, L shape windows master bedroom and 2 other windows adalah RM620. Hari tu bajet sliding door tempah je dah RM500. Ini dapat satu rumah, camno nak reject? Kena lah buat jugak kan, hehehe...Ready made pun mahal lagi. 

Carpet paling ohsemmmm. Carpet ni ada la jugak dok tengok, ala-ala berkenan tapi original price RM599. So we KIV dulu until barang lain settle, tengok balance bajet ada tak, kalau ada baru beli. Haha. Tapi semalam, IKEA member's price RM249! Eyes popping jaw dropping omputih kata. Terus amikkkkk. 

: : Budak ni, oranh dah half way angkut barang, dia dah tersengguk dalam trolley. So jadi lah macam ni. Stroller tak bawak, nak keluar sewa dekat Ikano nun jauh nak jalan. Tapi Ayah lapik tilam bawah tu baik punya haha : :

So conclusionnya, dah dapat barang yang cantik di mata kami, murah di poket untuk menanggung. Kehkehkeh. Atau pun, I memang dilahirkan untuk selalu jumpa benda-benda murah, super-gangnam-deals like this. :P Tu belum tengok Kown pakso orang Cavenzi custom kan 3 seats sofa, dengan design modern segala, tapi nak RM1000 sahaja. Kedai apek Desa Jaya kusyen gonjeng tu pun tak mau custom kan RM1000 je okeh. Haha. Skill paksa harga macam tu, I belum master lagi. Mungkin Kown business, he knows better on how business people mark their price kot. :P I pesen tak sampai hati, orang letak RM1110, mintak diskaun RM1100. Diskaun seploh hengget. Memang berapi je Mat Kown kalau tengok bargaining skill macam ni. Hhaha.

Last but not least. Hand painted posters, by Tuan Tanah. Biaselah, bajet tadak nak beli posters yang jual beribu ringgit di pasaran. Alerrr, yang dok jual kat The Curve tu pun, pesen conteng sana conteng sini, tapi frame elok-elok, dia jual. Bila tanya awat mahai, dia jawab "Seniiiii". So kalau korang tengok poster aku ni senget-senget sikit, tak payah tanya kenapa, sebab itu memang SENI. Haha.

Mode pindah rumah

Ok belumlah pindah lagi, baru dok fill in the blank. Obviously the whole space memang kosong pun kan, so banyaklah kerja nak kena buat. Nak mencari barang rumah dah satu hal, nak mencari masa untuk pergi cari barang pun satu hal. Tak banyak survey yang kita orang buat. Mana agak-agak harga sesuai dengan budget, beli terus. Nak pusing merata satu KL and Selangor, mencari yang the lowest price in town memang tak ada masa. 

Ada satu kedai dekat Puchong tu lagi best. Biasalah, kalau pergi dengan Mat Kown kenalah tebalkan muka sebab dia punya tahap mintak harga tu memangggg, tah la tak reti nak explain. But basically dia cakap, bajet RM2200 nak aircond 1.5hp, water heater and hob. Siap hantar siap pasang. Lebih I takmau, nanti I pergi cari kedai lain. Hahahaha. But surprisingly lepas bercongak sana sini dengan tokey kedai tu, dia bagi jugak all three items, with delivery and installation at the budget stated. Mitsubishi aircond 1.5hp, Haier hob and Joven water heater with pump. Kedai tak ingat tah apa nama hehehe sebab by random je masuk situ :P Bajet asal kalau ikut survey harga Harvey Norman (hahaha sebab dah dok merayap The Curve je) dalam RM2600. Jimatlah RM400 di situ. 

Rumah cat sendiri. Nak feeling ber-kaler-kaler, tapi takdak bajet nak upah orang. Condo 1200sqft paling koman pun orang nak RM1500 untuk upah saja. Tak dapekkkk la kan, so beli cat buat sendiri. Sekian. Guna cat Dulux Easy Clean, dengan harapan kalau Aiman syonteng-syonteng dinding, kita orang boleh wipe. Tapi as for now, sebarang crayons and colored pencils adalah haram untuk dibawa masuk rumah baru. Even if ada, mungkin simpan dalam almari berkunci haha.

Sofa paling best. Mat Kown kata dia nak sebat yang office punya. Hahah. Belasahlah, janji ado. Tapi tu ala-ala posh semacam, mungkin kena beli yang Ikea Klippan 3-seater sofa tu, cosy sikit. Sekarang ni duk kerja ulang baca website ikeahackers. Cara mudah nak hack barang Ikea bagi rumah cantik. Duit pun selamat. Kalau nak buat built in tak built in yang designer segala bagai tu, memang taklah. Rak tv kalau ID tu paling cabuk pun dah RM1000-1500, kalau Ikea billy set tu, dapat nalaaaaa punya besaq siap rak buku kiri kanan. 

Biasalah, I kan diva nak barang cantik tapi murah hahaha *blow nails* Ini contohnya. 

Coffee table yang lawa-lawa semua mahal. Yang murah sikit, rupa paras pulak tak semengah. Kalau ada pun, macam common style. Wahhh nak yang uncommon je kan. Ha kauuu buat sendiri. ^_____^ Syukur Allah kurniakan tangan otak kreatif pada diri sendiri, walaupun bab siang ikan adalah gagal. Isokayyyy abang pasar malam juai ikan boleh siangkan siap-siap. 

Malam ni sambung cat lagi sikit. Esok nak basuh rumah. Lusa baru bleh pergi beli barang. Satgi beli awai-awai, orang datang hantar barang, rumah dok comot berdebu lagi. Haha. Tak hensem langsung. Tapi barang pun beli yang importants dulu, nak pelengkap semua in one go, wahhh parahhhh. Yang dok ada ni pun dah sedia parah. Tskkk..*kejap-kejap check account Nuffnang* hahahaha. And in between masih buat diaper cakes. Hahaha. Kelaskan Mak Jemahhhhh. 
View best. Merdeka dengan New Year lepas ni boleh layan free fire works from home. Takyah pi Bukit Bintang ke KLCC ke mana dah. Hehehe...

 Lampu ni taktau dia salah pricing ka apa, semua kedai lampu kami masuk, kalau pesen gini harga RM500 onwards, yang ni freaking cheap RM138 kot. Nampak terus beli. Takmau tanya dah hahahah takut dia salah tag harga. ^_____^

Merasmikan bilik air. Orang pertama mandi dekat rumah ni. :P

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