Sudah hujung tahun, mari pergi cuti!

It's year end holiday season again. :) And forget not, the year end sales are beginning everywhere too! Unfortunately, I'm not joining this December shopping madness like I always do. Sob sob sob. Tapi tidak apa as I have two family vacations awaiting and that will be very soon. :)

So, what's your plan for the upcoming Awal Muharam-Christmas-New Year holidays? I'm almost done with the planning and booking and seriously can't wait to start my one week off work, from 25th Dec 2009 to 3rd Jan 2010.

Alhamdulillah, rezeki for the cheap last minute deals are on our side. Taking into consideration the super peak season now, I still managed to get those cheap airfare from MAS and to book two hotels all at discounted rate. Believe it or not, I paid only RM270 for 2 nights accommodation (from 29th-31st Dec) in Batu Feringghi, Penang. And I purchased two return tickets to Alor Setar (travelling on the Christmas day itself and returning on 2nd Jan) for RM280 only! *Bayar tol, isi minyak, service kereta pun lagi mahal kan?* Not including the reservation at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan that I made last month.

Cheap hotel rate: PYO Travel
Discounted airfare: MAS Grab-the-Deal

Actually, we are in the situation where "isteri-cuti-sampai-tahun-baru" but the husband's calendar is crammed and completely filled with meetings, seminars and etc and saja-cuti-suka-suka doesn't seem possible at all. So, the whole plan now is somewhat sambil-menyelam-minum-air macam tu.

Very much due to the spirit of holidays and the clause added in Rangka Undang-Undang Keluarga Mat Kown, whereby a year end holiday is a must, we worked out our calendar and squeezed in the short breaks in between his business trips. *Harap-harap tahun depan business trip melangkau keluar peta Malaysia pulak, best sikit. Agagagagaga*

After all, we have our 8 months young baby with us and his whole lot of things are tugging along too. *Sakit kepala nak travel jauh angkut macam-macam. Especially me who doesn't know how to travel light*. Even a trip to Sabah or Sawarak doesn't sound good for now, at least to me. But I have Bali envisioned in my 2010 holiday plan, hihihi, macam mana tu? Adam will turn one by then and I'm looking forward to go to Bali before my passport expires in August next year. *Harap-harap kastam di raja Kepong and Desa Haras lepas lah, uhuk uhuk uhuk. Batuk pulak* And hopefully my advertorials earnings will be sufficient to cater for the airfare nanti. Aminnn


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