Perth Day 1 - Caversham Wildlife Park

First activity kami dekat Perth ialah melawat Caversham Wildlife Park. Sebab trip ada kanak-kanak, so kena beli jiwa dia orang dulu haha. Yang shopping and merayau dalam CBD tu kita push towards the end, awal-awal ni semua activity yang sesuai untuk kids.

Caversham Wildlife Park is more than just a zoo. But in comparison to Phillip Island Wildlife Park, of course PIWP lagi best, but fret not, once you arrived at the Whiteman Park entrance, the scenery will leave you in awe! The route towards the park was very scenic, lots of native trees and plants and we even spotted few wild kangaroos from afar. 30 minutes drive from the city, guna Google Maps Inshaallah sampai hehe. Plenty free parking around the park, don't worry :)

Weather was hot, like crazy hot, maybe akan lebih enjoy the place if weather a bit breezy. TIPS: Don't forget to apply sunscreen and bring along a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Plenty of shady spots to sit under if needed, but still panaih rasa dia :P

Zoo entry fee is reasonable (Latest - Adult: AUD28 and Child: AUD12.50), good variety of native Australian animals, knowledgeable zoo keepers (helpful too; most of them rajin tolong take photos), farm show was amusing (please check on sessions timing to avoid disappointment), great park layout and directions around the park quite clear (Inshallah tak sesat hehe).  

Two famous attractions are Wombat & Friends enclosure (meet the super fat wombat, interact with snake) and Kangaroo enclosure; where you can touch, interact and feed the kangaroos (selfie also cannn). However, I rasa the Kangaroos look a little lazy or maybe overfed as the food are freely available. As for Koala, we can only see but not allowed to hug or cuddle, slightly stroke their fur boleh lah. Anyhow, just don't forget to take the mandatory selfie with Koala (walaupun they barely open their eyes, quite sleepy when we went in) hehe.

There's a small cafe there (near the entrance) but not sure on Halal status tho (said to be Halal, boleh check on website kot). Clean washrooms and ada souvenir shop too, just in case nak cari seketul dua barang kenangan. Overall, the place is well kept and maintained, even the animals are sufficiently fed too. The park is definitely as good as most reviews mentioned, fun for both adults and kids. 

For more info, visit the website if you are planning your trip here . :) Caversham Wildlife Park.

After spending the earlier part of the day here, then kita keluar picnic lunch and solat at one of the playgrounds around the park (still within Whiteman area)

TIPS: Bring your own food, we even angkut the rice cooker haha and utilize the excellent picnic facilities. We then had a quick tour to the Motor Museum (perfect for boys) and Train station. Ada waterpark jugak, unfortunately we were running out of time, sebab nak pergi Margaret River pulak.

A Trip to Legoland Malaysia

Long overdue post. As usual hehe.

Pergi masa bulan December 2016, cuti sekolah. Trip "buat gila" kita orang panggil. Sebab tak plan pun nak pergi Legoland tapi my husband came with the idea "jom pegi day trip Legoland, surprisekan Adam & Aiman".


Of course I said yes dulu, janganlah say no yer, nanti apa pun tak boleh hehehehe, konsepnya janji keluar KL haha but then I suggested why not overnight satu hari, at least boleh merambu ramba dekat JPO hehe. Sebab last minute, jenuh jugak nak search hotel yang available but we managed to score a really good deal for a hotel room on Traveloka website. Thistle JB super peak season (a day before Christmas) for only RM220 inclusive tax. Yes, no kidding. :)

Ok fast forward to the whole Legoland story, first ialah survey tickets. Memang jenuh mengira jugak, sebab nak compare which deals yang paling menjimatkan. Maybank that time ada discount, MyKad holder ada special rates, then ada Legoland Buy 1 and 2nd at 50% something like that, but we finally used this. The voucher we got from Ali Cafe Instant Coffee. 1 Full Price Adult Ticket = 1 FREE Kid Ticket. Basically untuk keluarga kami 2+2, kira beli 2 tiket dewasa, free 2 tiket kanak-kanak hehe. Yang ni option paling jimat untuk kita orang :P

First the WEATHER. It was hot (blazing sun!) and humid, so for kids please please, sunhat and sunblock is a must. There are few misting stations and shade spots but most often tak stop pun at any of it. Oh mineral water too, pandai-pandailah susun dalam bag, they do check the bags (usual procedure for any theme park kan), but just a quick one tho, so kalau hang sumbat periuk nasi at the bottom pun lepas kot haha. Ok main-main je. What I meant is kalau setakat roti, biscuits, burger, boleh je sorok-sorok hehe. The rule is no outside foods allowed, so pandai-pandailah.

Second, the CROWD. This one, to our surprise, there were almost no lines for the rides. Except a couple for the roller-coaster rides, other than that we breezed through the attractions with almost no waiting time. Ok max 5 minutes I think, tapi tak kira lah sebab kalau Disneyland tu, 15 minutes pun dah kira short time beratur hehe.

Third, the FOODS. IMHO, food was average. I imagine meriah la sedap hehe sebab local kan tapi hmmmm, boleh je lah. Mediocre. Tu yang menyesal tak seludup Burger King dalam beg hehehe. One meal set at the average of RM30, in a no-sharing portion. Serious, memang kalau share tak cukup hehe. Eh ke kita orang lapar? :P However, still considered quite cheap as compared to what we paid in USS and Disneyland hehe, sebab ni bayar in RM yer dok?

Fourth, the RIDES. Overall, the rides are good. Fun and interactive for the kids. Tapi kalau ikhlas cakap, Legoland is suitable for families with toddlers and young kids (below 10). Teenagers and above, Universal Studio is a lot better; due to the limitation of adrenaline-rush kind of rides. Disneyland wins lah apa-apa pun, sebab cater for all. Even Tokwan and Maktok enjoy the whole place.

The highlight of all is the Legoland Junior Driving School. Adam & Aiman truly enjoyed this as they get to be behind the wheel of their own Lego car and drive around the city street. The ride really look like a real world; they feel all grown up when driving around. They even got their own driving license.

Fifth, the ATTRACTIONS. Lego Miniland (miniature towns of certain Asian countries) definitely my favorite. So does everyone else lah kot, the attention to detail was amazing. Mesti nak posing beria dekat sini hehe.

Sixth, the LEGO STORE. Seriously, not as much merchandise and lego set as expected. Those Lego stores in KL lagi best rasanya. If you think the Lego set here is cheaper, heck no, same or even more expensive, as you can get a discounted set from online sellers (kalau pandai cari hehe).

The rest, toilets were clean, tak kotor pun seperti yang diseramkan hehe. Surau pun besar and bersih. Another important tips, please bring extra shirts. Walaupun nama dia Theme Park, there are few rides that will get you all wet. Unless you don't mind to buy the rain-cover from the Lego store, tapi mahal la hehe.

Lockers of different sizes available too and ATM machines pun ada dekat entrance. Overall, the theme park is well maintained. :) Tapi kalau repeat anytime soon, rasanya tak lah kot hehehehe. 

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