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STAR Reward System for My Kids

Yeah, as you read it, we have now implemented a reward system at home. Nothing so complicated about it, one star for every stated expectation that is met. In return, for every 50 stars collected, they can redeem those for treats or outing or whatever that is deemed appropriate and ok by Mummy and Ayah, hehe. At this moment both of them nampak faham macam mana the whole system works. Oklah untuk awal ni, 50 stars tu dalam 2 minggu baru dapat collect, so at least takdaklah hari-hari mintak new toys. :P

We just implemented the system, so I'm not sure how successful it will be (tunggu until end of the month) and not any pitfalls that we have encountered, as yet. I know some people may say, "nanti budak-budak tak ikhlas buat baik" but well at least this whole thing can encourage them to do good and motivate them to achieve their goals (for example Adam, he needs to collect enough stars that to be redeemed for another set of die-cast planes). As simple as that. 

Sebab Adam hari-hari mintak Ayah belikan new planes when he probably has more than 50 die-cast planes in collection. It's easier to explain that, "NO, no new planes sebab Adam tak kemas lepas main, Adam tak share dengan Adik and bla bla bla and you can only have a new set when you earned your 50 stars by doing/behaving good", lebih kurang macam itu. So far dia faham and hopefully janganlah ada orang lain tolong beli hahahah nanti dia dapat short cut pulak.

I tak expect them to do basic house chores pun and all the expectations stated I rasa manageable and achievable by them (at least for now). Play nicely, share things, clean up toys, help each other, practise positive behaviours, brush teeth (yang ni confirm ada star, they love it), eat fruits & veggies, or anything simple for kids age 4-5.

I dapat idea ni masa dekat Disneyland. They went bonkers over toys when we were in Hong Kong and we've never seen them like that before. Even masuk Toyrus dekat Malaysia pun I rasa masih berhemah dan bersopan, but not in Disneyland. T_____T Aiman particularly, lepas satu, satu dia nak beli. Hairan. For all we know Aiman has very minimal interest in toys. Aihhhh, disampuk hantu Disneyland ke apa taktau la.

So I just have to explain to them that they can't always get what they want in life. Sometimes things just don't happen the way you want them to be and that Allah gives everything for reason. Also have to tell them that Allah bagi Mummy and Ayah duit not only to buy toys for Adam and Aiman, but also for foods, school, baju, jalan-jalan and whatnot. Adam seems to understand the idea but Aiman well well well, he is the "Mr. Whatever". So whateverrrrr. 

Siap pesan balik dekat Mummy, "Mummy cakap lah PLEASE nicely to ALLAH, nanti mesti Dia bagi. Mummy cakap elok-elok tau?" 

Fast forward, Mummy pun dapat ilham nak buat reward system ni and so far both of them faham. For example, lepas dinner jer Aiman will come and ask for his 'star' sebab dia dah makan veggies sampai habis. So senang kerja Mummy hehehe...

For time being, we will just stick to this. For long term, maybe kena fikir cara lain sebab tak boleh nak rely on the reward system sepanjang masa. The main idea of this is to build a strong sense of responsibility and to create awareness on how their role impact the rest of the family. But until they can further understand, star chart ni kira dah good beginning. Because little kids respond well with continuous positive words such as "good job, well done, awesome, thank you, great, wonderful and etc."

Kapten Buehbossa Giant Bubbles!

Ok, mula-mula tengok dulu photos ni semua. Bagi korang wowwieee sikit kuikuikui.

Ha, cool kan? Serious weh, syok gila main giant bubbles ni. All thanks to my cousin sebab beli benda ni, sebab bukan Adam dengan Aiman je yang excited main, tapi habis mak pak tok nenek pakcik makcik semualah join sekaki. Walaupun Mak Long Salmi kata, "jom Adam & Aiman, maklong ada bubble best". Sebenarnya kita yang tua ni pun sama galak main bubbles :P

She bought it from Kapten Buehbossa. Boleh check from Facebook Kapten Buehbossa. Contact number 0126021795. Hah, dah bagi semua. Jangan dok message lagi tanya macam mana nak contact. Kalau ada yang tanya, I akan divert you pergi blog entry yang sebelum ni muahahahaha.

But of course lah nak main bubbles ni kena ada kawasan besar. Kalau duduk condo macam I'ollz ni, sila la bawak diri pergi rumah yang ada tanah ok. Jangan feeling sangat nak main dekat balcony sekangkang kera tu. Pegi la playground ke, park ke, but rest-assured it's worth the trip to the park. 

I nak order lagi, nak bagi my sister-in-law balik Aloq Staq! Haaaa baru orang "woowwwww!" sikit tengok bubbles gemok ni. Ini setakat bubbles botoi kecik tiup pun ala segan nak kembang tapi meletup tak mahu, mana syokkk (my own peribahasa, jangan bubuh dalam karangan Bahasa Melayu). Tapi kalau you all nak mintak Kapten pos kan, dia cuma boleh pos soap concentrate tu dengan string saja, yang stick tu pandai2 la korang cari, batang kayu pokok kalau cukup keras pun bolehhhh. :)

So yeah, sila cekidautttt Facebook Kapten Buehbossa for more info. Ini memang sejenis aktiviti kekeluargaan yang melibatkan semua ahli keluarga. Sambil kejar bubbles sambil exercise keluarkan peluh. ;) 

White Studio Photoshoot

Last week kita orang buat photoshoot dekat white studio, nama tempat tu Senjacolour Studio, Danau Kota, Setapak. Ceritanya, Nuffnang dah set hari tu photoshoot session for talent bloggers, unfortunately the date chosen by most bloggers tu hari biasa, hari kerja la senang cerita. Nak bertambah unfortunate, that time kita tengah busy buat console reports, makanya nak amik half day pun konfem kena reject, hahaha. So blog manager kata, "it's ok, just email your high reso photos with WHITE background".

Omomomommomo, mana lah nak cari white background yang elok kan? Yang bila snap photo tu nampak suci murni je kan? Yang lighting lawa je kan? So maknanya kena cari white studio la jugak. It so happens that Iza pun missed the photo session jugak because she was in Shanghai that time, so kita orang decide untuk share buat whitestudio photoshoot sama-sama.

Anyway, long story short, kita orang pun pilih Senjacolour Studio. Mainly sebab dia orang tengah buat promo RM200 for 2 hours, maximum of 10 people per session. Ok sangat yawww! Sebab the rest yang I email quote dalam RM150 per hour, with 5 ppl max per session. Or maybe sebab Senjacolour tengah ada promo, that's why murah hehehehe...

And sebab dah dapat 2 hours session tu, we might as well utilise it the best we can. So most of the shots sebenarnya gambar kids, gambar kami yang Nuffnang required tu sekejap je dah settle haha. But yeah, photographing toddlers is one challenging job because they move around all the time. So kena sabar lah and last sekali settle it off with candid shots jer :P

Masa mula-mula sampai tu, I suruh photographer shoot gambar Aiman dulu, sementara dia tengah fresh, perut kenyang, hati senang. And I think he knows how to strike a pose, naturally, quite well. But that was for the first 30 minutes lah, the moment he got thirsty and tired, that was it, bye-bye camera see you next time. Terus dia buat hal sendiri T____T

So here it goes, the outcome of the photoshoot session. Again, it was so difficult to capture all of them looking at the camera together and so hard to freeze them even for 1 minute pun hahaha. Sapa kerja dekat talent agency, jaga kids photoshoot, advert, show ke apa, memang la sangat bersabar ok. In our case, the eldest (Adam and Ayra) senang cooperate while the Adiks (Aiman and Raina), they decided to just do their "ada aku kisah??" faces hahahhaha. But it was fun nevertheless. 

Ok, siapa-siapa perlukan khidmat model kanak-kanak, boleh contact Manager Mummy :P Jk!

Toddler Boy Clothes

I think my kids have more clothes in their closets that I do right now :P Dulu before ada kids, I ingat "kalau anak boys, apalah nak dress up sangatkan, fashion pun standard je, boringggg" but gosh! the idea I had, was so wronggg. Now that I have two boys, honestly, I spend quite a lot on my kids' clothing. Wuhuhuh -______-" Plus the fact that we live in a media-soaked world, we subconsciously getting into the advertising messages -- email blast of "Mothercare SALE! Extra 10% off for members" kind of thing haha! 

Or maybe the fact that I don't budget for their clothes, my shopping trip tends to be rather unfocused and terbabas :P Most often, my kids' seluar OR baju-hunting-mission will turn into a mindless seluar-baju-kasut-spekmata-spenda shopping spree. Major damage case at the end of the day, tskkk...But not la every week heyyyy, every end of month tu ada lah kot :P

But hello, at least I'm not into labels! I will consider all, ranges from the cheaper brands to more expensive labels but not the high end lines. FB online shops, Tesco, Padini, Brands Outlet, H&M, Mothercare, Zara Kids, whatever stores you name it, to me it's about choosing a good quality pieces that will also look great on my kids. Price wise, it’s a whole mixture; whatever I can find that fits the bill, I ok ajer but yes preferably items on sale! Malaysia Darul Sale, remember?

To support the act of my random purchase, I will always go for a bigger size or specifically, using Aiman's size as my benchmark. Because worst case scenario, items can be hand-me-downs from Adik to Abang. Ahahaha terbalik, I know. 

Anyhow, my all time favorite stores will still be Mothercare & H&M Kids and recently fell in love with Zara Kids too. But of course I rembat most of the items during sale period because price wise it will still be affordable and reasonable. In my experience, those shirts and pants from these three brands that have been washed countless of time, in and out the dryer, are still good as new. Well worth buying la kononnya :P

Or maybe because I love ironing *muahahaha* so that kinda helps to maintain the new-look of their clothes. Yeah call me the rare mommy-species who just loves ironing but seriously, I love to see their clothes in the wardrobe all ironed and ready to wear. Ok, dah off topic masuk household task hehe. Oh by the way, my few months old Electrolux steamed iron just went kaput few weeks ago, my neighbor cakap I dah over-worked that poor iron haha.

To sum up, I just love buying clothes for my kids because I want them to look good and handsome and PRESENTABLE (biar ada hingus pun tetap hensem hahaha). Or the truth is, I think in today's society, MOST people judge others by the way they look, kan kan kan??? And even if you say NO you shouldn't, majority of the population will still do. Sad fact here. Yes there is more to someone than their appearance but initial impression of someone always from their look kan? 

As far as I'm concern, I'm just doing my best as a mom :) And I'm pretty sure that I got this from my Abah, so here I'm repeating the same to my kids. ^_____^ 

P/S: Pantang tok nenek kalau pakai baju tak iron. It's a big NO NO and I just can't tolerate that. 

Kids aviator sunglasses

Ok. Macam biasa, entry menjawab soalan favorite rakyat Instagram dan Fesbuk.

"Beli spek mata boys dekat mana?" Atau lebih specific yang pesen aviator ni.

Jawapan dia, MERATA. Dari butik Obaibi Pavilion sampai ke pasar malam. Haha. Seriyes tak tipu. Janji tak mahal sangat. Sebab budak-budak, jenis pakai-letak merata-hilang! Macam tu la dok ulang cycle dia. Kalau nak harap beli branded sunglasses dekat anak, kirim salamlah. Adam tu mungkin boleh consider lagi sebab dia cermat dan hemat, tapi Aiman memang sadaqallahul azim. Pagi beli, petang hilang. -____-"

So antara kedai-kedai yang emak-emak semua boleh cuba ziarah lepas ni ialah Padini Concept Store (pergi bahagian budak), Brands Outlet (kadang-kadang ada aviator RM10 je, smart sangat!), Obaibi, FOS or best, pasar malam or flea market. Mothercare and Toysrus pun ado, tapi style macam sunglasses for cycling dengan wayfarer, tapi harga tak murah sangat. Dalam RM29-RM35 jugak per piece. Of course aviator the best. Baru nampak kacak tampan bergaya macam Adam Mukhriz kan. 

Tapi yang paling penting konfiden kena tahap tertinggi. So hentam style apa pun tetap bergaya. Macam Aiman. Dah pakai aviator, mana orang tau naik flight pagi tu mandi ke tidak muahahahaha. Sebab lagak dia tu lebih bukan main :P 

Akhir kata, yang ni satu saja yang tak terdapat di pasaran. Memang spek antik! Heheheh. Spek mata ala Professor Klon :P

Beli baju anak-anak di Tesco

Well, as the title mentioned, kita memang suka sangat beli baju and seluar Haris Bersaudara di Tesco (dulu pergi je Tesco mana-mana, sekarang ni Mutiara Damansara outlet semestinya, sebab baru dan best, pilihan banyak hehehe). Seriously, my boys they grown up so fast and boleh kata every month mesti nak kena beli seluar baru. Baju tu ok lagi, seluar kaluuuu mesti kena beli. Aiman particularly -_____-" 

Tapi itulah, bertuah hidup di bumi Malaysia, kedai serba banyak, pilih ja nak beli dekat mana. Kalau kita, mesti lah gedung pilihan paling feveret, TESCO! Pertama sebab murah, RM8 untuk sehelah seluar tidur panjang, murah la tu kan??? Pasar malam pun tak boleh dapat okels. Even kemeja berkolar untuk boys pun, dalam RM35 saja macam tu, murah jugak lagi. Half of the price berbanding pilihan jenama ternama lain. Second mestilah sebab kualiti. Material cotton dia sangat bagus, jenis basuh banyak kali tak berbulu tu. I paling pantang kalau beli baju budak, baru 2-3 pakai-basuh, terus dah kembang and berbulu segala. Tak berkenan betul. But luckily not the Tesco F&F label ni, and berbaloi sangat dengan harga yang dibeli itu :P 

Mungkin ada sesetengah parents tak berapa nak beli baju anak-anak dari brand hypermarket macam ni, sebab I dulu pun macam tu. Tapi lepas pertama kali beli untuk Adam and Aiman, masa tu dekat Alor Setar sebab balik kampung tak bawak balik cukup baju hehehe, so I beli. Konon-konon dengan anggapan, "alah, boleh laaa sementara je". Little did I know that Tesco kids apparel brand - F&F, now is among my favorite choices. 

Tak percaya? Mana lah tau, kot-kot ada yang berbunyi, "hek elehhh, yer je lah Shilashower ni bagi anak pakai baju Tesco kannn" -_____- Nah tengok gambar. I no tipu one, kalau bagus kita kena bagitau bagus. ;)

Shirt F&F
Shirt F&F (Aiman punya daaa, not Jaja's :P hehe)

 Seluar tidur Tesco mari :) Paling comfortable dalam senarai. Serious.

 Seluar Tesco-F&F

Sexy shirt Tesco jugak :)

Normal active child vs hyperactive.

How do you distinguish between a normal excited energetic child and someone suffering ADHD? (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). It's the same question I raised on my FB page. Hmphhhh....Because very often we hear a statement "budak ni hyperactive lah!" but the statement itself is rarely being explained fully. 

And Aiman is no exception. "Hyper" is the most common remark that I hear from people, upon seeing Aiman for the first time. -______-" Angry? Frustrated? Redha? Mix feelings lah lebih kurang. :/

Personally to me, Aiman looks completely normal, fine and healthy. He is just being active and energetic, just like every other kids do. BUT, after a constant remarks of him being hyperactive, I finally came to a point of "REALLY? IS HE SO? TAKKAN LAH!" He talks clearly, he knows ABC 123, he sings well, he sees things differently, he is creative and brilliant indeed. Not to mention very lovely and sweet too. So what behavior disorder is here? 

So I took a step back and start observing his behavior (and that after several incidents of terguling tenggiling in public of not getting things done his ways).

Yes, Aiman has a persistent pattern of tantrums and often outburst of temper. Well, this is the main point that actually trigger the worry button for both of us but we probably have overlooked this matter due to the thought of "alaaa, biasalah tu, budak-budak, normallah"

The act of him being handful, climbing furniture, seeming to be on the go at all time and lacking of control over sitting still for long period of time, are things that I previously thought as normal. Something that every boy will do. However, we missed the part that he actually has a tremendous energy which most of the time the level is really out of the world. And only few activities that he held interest for more than 15 minutes, otherwise he gets bored easily over things/toys. 

--- Now I am the one who truly worry about thing being abnormal. :/ With all other points that suddenly become very visible, I lagi lah macam must-do-something-now!-now! and not just sitting and assuming everything is normal. But at least he has a routine sleeping pattern; bedtime at 9.00-9.30pm and wake up the next morning latest by 8.00am. Pattern remains even during holidays. 

Not that I'm saying Aiman is one hyper boy (not diagnosed as one), but an early detection (just in case) may help us (family members particularly) to control and to manage him better. For your info, ADHD is not caused by poor parenting, too much sugar or vaccines. Okies?

But my MIL said, "Aiman ni serupa sebijik jaaa macam Kown dulu" 


Or maybe I should check with my husband, entah-entah dia pernah jadi hyperactive hahahaha and that he keeps the matter secret from me. 

--- Will update more once we get through the session with pakar-pakar yang berkenaan next week. My mom said, "Entah-entah kena sampuk hantu Batu Caves" -_____________-" Waaaaaaa!!!

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