STAR Reward System for My Kids

Yeah, as you read it, we have now implemented a reward system at home. Nothing so complicated about it, one star for every stated expectation that is met. In return, for every 50 stars collected, they can redeem those for treats or outing or whatever that is deemed appropriate and ok by Mummy and Ayah, hehe. At this moment both of them nampak faham macam mana the whole system works. Oklah untuk awal ni, 50 stars tu dalam 2 minggu baru dapat collect, so at least takdaklah hari-hari mintak new toys. :P

We just implemented the system, so I'm not sure how successful it will be (tunggu until end of the month) and not any pitfalls that we have encountered, as yet. I know some people may say, "nanti budak-budak tak ikhlas buat baik" but well at least this whole thing can encourage them to do good and motivate them to achieve their goals (for example Adam, he needs to collect enough stars that to be redeemed for another set of die-cast planes). As simple as that. 

Sebab Adam hari-hari mintak Ayah belikan new planes when he probably has more than 50 die-cast planes in collection. It's easier to explain that, "NO, no new planes sebab Adam tak kemas lepas main, Adam tak share dengan Adik and bla bla bla and you can only have a new set when you earned your 50 stars by doing/behaving good", lebih kurang macam itu. So far dia faham and hopefully janganlah ada orang lain tolong beli hahahah nanti dia dapat short cut pulak.

I tak expect them to do basic house chores pun and all the expectations stated I rasa manageable and achievable by them (at least for now). Play nicely, share things, clean up toys, help each other, practise positive behaviours, brush teeth (yang ni confirm ada star, they love it), eat fruits & veggies, or anything simple for kids age 4-5.

I dapat idea ni masa dekat Disneyland. They went bonkers over toys when we were in Hong Kong and we've never seen them like that before. Even masuk Toyrus dekat Malaysia pun I rasa masih berhemah dan bersopan, but not in Disneyland. T_____T Aiman particularly, lepas satu, satu dia nak beli. Hairan. For all we know Aiman has very minimal interest in toys. Aihhhh, disampuk hantu Disneyland ke apa taktau la.

So I just have to explain to them that they can't always get what they want in life. Sometimes things just don't happen the way you want them to be and that Allah gives everything for reason. Also have to tell them that Allah bagi Mummy and Ayah duit not only to buy toys for Adam and Aiman, but also for foods, school, baju, jalan-jalan and whatnot. Adam seems to understand the idea but Aiman well well well, he is the "Mr. Whatever". So whateverrrrr. 

Siap pesan balik dekat Mummy, "Mummy cakap lah PLEASE nicely to ALLAH, nanti mesti Dia bagi. Mummy cakap elok-elok tau?" 

Fast forward, Mummy pun dapat ilham nak buat reward system ni and so far both of them faham. For example, lepas dinner jer Aiman will come and ask for his 'star' sebab dia dah makan veggies sampai habis. So senang kerja Mummy hehehe...

For time being, we will just stick to this. For long term, maybe kena fikir cara lain sebab tak boleh nak rely on the reward system sepanjang masa. The main idea of this is to build a strong sense of responsibility and to create awareness on how their role impact the rest of the family. But until they can further understand, star chart ni kira dah good beginning. Because little kids respond well with continuous positive words such as "good job, well done, awesome, thank you, great, wonderful and etc."


  1. Assalamualaikum kak, nice gila buat camni. hehe. idea yang sangat bernas. automatik anak2 faham dan berubah ikut apa yang kita mahukan. alhamdullilah. mohon share dekat fanpage boleh? hehe

  2. Alhamdulillah..bagus practise ni..da juga bc blogger2 lain da practise camni..:)

  3. hi shila.. i did this for Emir since dia bangsa susah bangat nak gosok gigi *tak tau turun pada sapa.. lol.. so basically i did like you do, so katelah satu board tu kita letak 50 boxes, so kalau dia sampai 20 dapatlah icecream cornetto sebatang ke, sampai 50 stamps dapatlah tido lambat (or whatever that interest them) hehe.. and it works.. walaupun setakat berapa bulan je bertahan..

  4. Wah... nak cuba jugalah. HEHEHE. TQ. Nice card tu, mana beli ye?? Nak jugak.

  5. Shila, i really really really love this invention.. boleh minta share macamana nak buat card ni? pretty pweezz..

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