Adam & Aiman: Your 1st Day of School

Adam & Aiman Sayang, 

(Read WE = Mama & Ayah)

We can't believe that the day has finally come. Like finally-finally-finally. Well, after several episodes of playschool-registration-cancellation, we decided that this must be it. Even until now, we are not quite sure whether we are ready for this, but it comes anyway. You boys are going to school. Ohh, how time has flown. 

It just a kindergarten, hello? What's a big deal about it? -- some may say that. To us, this whole thing marks the real beginning of your journey in becoming who you are. Rockstar? Pilot? Engineer? Rugby Player? or whatever you choose to be when you grow up, this is just the beginning of your new adventure. Your first solo year to be exact; independent of Mama, Ayah and everyone else at home. 

Weeks before even until the night before your first day of school, I explained that you boys will be going to school, see new friends, learn new things but worry not, you guys will still see each other anyway. Abang nodded quietly, trying to take it all while Adik replied excitedly, "Ok yeay! nak pergi school. Abang don't cry ok? Mummy tinggal sekejap saja". Little did you know Adik, that you will be away from the comfort of home, where everything is new and everyone is different.

On the first day of school, we were all very excited, nervous and scared altogether. I told you, "Don't worry, everything will be fine". Trying to act all cool and relax, the truth is I was the one who worried and scared most. In a sudden, I got worried for so many things. Will you ask for help if you need one? Will things be too hard or too easy or too anything for you? Will the teachers and other kids be nice to you? Will you be brave enough to protect yourself? Will Abang be able to protect Adik and vice versa? And to Aiman particularly, will the teachers understand your boisterous energy? What if you get hungry for every one hour? Oh my Aimannnn. 

We walked to the school, very slowly (trying to delay the time eyh?) and both of you held my hands tightly. Stood in front of the glass door and as expected, both of you hesitate to go inside. I guess this the point when you realized that Mama and Ayah will not be staying with you all day, and there your tears waiting to stream down your face anytime soon.

We kissed you both on the forehead, gave you one big hug and waved good-bye *and you burst into tears*. Sorry kids that we just had to walk, leaving the crying-Adam-and-Aiman to the Aunties. But I promised that it will only be a quick few hours away from Mama and Ayah and will pick you up on time.

It's day 4 of school today. Abang looks much better now, happy about going to school but Adik, he doesn't seem to be adapting well. I know you will have struggles, or probably feel insecure, but knowing you Aiman, I believe you will be able to handle whatever comes your way with full of confidence. You just need more time to adjust sayang, Insyaallah everything will be fine.

Very deep inside, it's a bit hard to let you go and to trust someone else to look after you two, even for only a short 4 hours. My heart is torn between wanting to have you all day with me, where I can protect you from the crazy world (it's not everything nice as seen) and wanting to let you go out there so you can experience more things than just being home. But I believed, school will teach you many new things, on top of what you have learned so far. There's a lot more to discover about the world we live in and may this be among the first steps you took, that will bring the very best in you.  

Only few important notes that Mama and Ayah want you to remember, always:

1st - It's ok to be different because not everyone in this world will share the common things with you. Even Abang and Adik are different from each other, embrace the difference kids.

2nd - Don't be afraid to try something new because you never know how pleasantly surprise things can be. Try Haris, try the new adventure.

3rd - Always follow the instructions BUT it's ok to speak up when necessary. :) Trust me.

4th - Do anything you want or maybe better than anyone has ever done it as long as you be the best of you. Survival in life is about becoming the best you, not the best in class. Remember that, please.

5th - Mistakes just happen. But don't forget to say sorry and learn from it.

Last but not least, regardless if the notes outgrown from just 5 to hundreds, one last thing that you boys should always remember is your FAMILY.  No matter what, we will always be here, ohhh in fact we are here since you were just one minute old. I'm your Mama first but always your bestfriend, remember that. Ok fine, if Mama says no, go ask Ayah - as the tagline said. I'm OK with that, as long as you talk to any of your family members. Or Maktok, Tok Wan, Tok Abah, Jaja, Yaya and the list goes on. :) We love you kids, to the infinity sampai tak boleh kira!

With lots of love, to the moon and back, 




  1. awwww so sweet and anak2 hang mmg comel sentiasa..:)

  2. assalamualaikum kak shila. Allah! comelnya budak haris ni. dah besar pun. hope they can adapt the situation. in shaa Allah. sis dont worry, Aiman will be better soon ;)

  3. Coretan hati seorang mama...i feel it during my son 1st year to kindegarden. Macam2 boleh rasa... ape pon...hati kene tabah...forever mereka bukan dia bawah lindungan kite...mereka perlu belajar di alam yang lebih luas =)


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