Toddler Boy Clothes

I think my kids have more clothes in their closets that I do right now :P Dulu before ada kids, I ingat "kalau anak boys, apalah nak dress up sangatkan, fashion pun standard je, boringggg" but gosh! the idea I had, was so wronggg. Now that I have two boys, honestly, I spend quite a lot on my kids' clothing. Wuhuhuh -______-" Plus the fact that we live in a media-soaked world, we subconsciously getting into the advertising messages -- email blast of "Mothercare SALE! Extra 10% off for members" kind of thing haha! 

Or maybe the fact that I don't budget for their clothes, my shopping trip tends to be rather unfocused and terbabas :P Most often, my kids' seluar OR baju-hunting-mission will turn into a mindless seluar-baju-kasut-spekmata-spenda shopping spree. Major damage case at the end of the day, tskkk...But not la every week heyyyy, every end of month tu ada lah kot :P

But hello, at least I'm not into labels! I will consider all, ranges from the cheaper brands to more expensive labels but not the high end lines. FB online shops, Tesco, Padini, Brands Outlet, H&M, Mothercare, Zara Kids, whatever stores you name it, to me it's about choosing a good quality pieces that will also look great on my kids. Price wise, it’s a whole mixture; whatever I can find that fits the bill, I ok ajer but yes preferably items on sale! Malaysia Darul Sale, remember?

To support the act of my random purchase, I will always go for a bigger size or specifically, using Aiman's size as my benchmark. Because worst case scenario, items can be hand-me-downs from Adik to Abang. Ahahaha terbalik, I know. 

Anyhow, my all time favorite stores will still be Mothercare & H&M Kids and recently fell in love with Zara Kids too. But of course I rembat most of the items during sale period because price wise it will still be affordable and reasonable. In my experience, those shirts and pants from these three brands that have been washed countless of time, in and out the dryer, are still good as new. Well worth buying la kononnya :P

Or maybe because I love ironing *muahahaha* so that kinda helps to maintain the new-look of their clothes. Yeah call me the rare mommy-species who just loves ironing but seriously, I love to see their clothes in the wardrobe all ironed and ready to wear. Ok, dah off topic masuk household task hehe. Oh by the way, my few months old Electrolux steamed iron just went kaput few weeks ago, my neighbor cakap I dah over-worked that poor iron haha.

To sum up, I just love buying clothes for my kids because I want them to look good and handsome and PRESENTABLE (biar ada hingus pun tetap hensem hahaha). Or the truth is, I think in today's society, MOST people judge others by the way they look, kan kan kan??? And even if you say NO you shouldn't, majority of the population will still do. Sad fact here. Yes there is more to someone than their appearance but initial impression of someone always from their look kan? 

As far as I'm concern, I'm just doing my best as a mom :) And I'm pretty sure that I got this from my Abah, so here I'm repeating the same to my kids. ^_____^ 

P/S: Pantang tok nenek kalau pakai baju tak iron. It's a big NO NO and I just can't tolerate that. 



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    Sorry shila, tumpang promo

  2. handsome boys! mmg admire kak mmg selalu g H&M & mothercare klu time sale. walaupun anak kita bdn kecik so xbyk choice. :)

  3. they look like twins!..
    u akan jadi sumber inspirasi i utk dress up my coming baby boy,, hehe