How to increase Nuffnang earning?

This is the most frequently asked question that I've received from my readers and friends. Cop! Cop! Wait seminit. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that this blog has a huge traffic every day nor that I'm making gobs of money from blogging activity, but alhamdulillah with that seciput advertorials, buffered and metered earnings, I can at least spare the money earned to buy Adam's monthly Isomil stocks. =P

But come to think of it, I think I've made a pretty good "return on investment" from this whole blogging activity and I'm glad that I started with one 4 and half years ago. Monthly passive income, exclusive invites to events and movie preview, and fully sponsored trip to Singapore, hurmm what else could I ever ask for kan? When all that I need to do is to sit and to write, tho at times, I tend to lost my blogging mojo. +P And I admit that I learnt a lot from the mistake I made along the way. The whole thing was hard and smacked in my face, but I learnt a lesson on it and I grow from that to what I am now. Orang melayu cakap, Transformation. Hahah.

I always dream to be like many other famous hot-hot-hit bloggers out there where they have a huge amount of traffic hitting their blog(s) everyday and earn say average of RM10k per month? For example,
5xmom who has made RM30K from blogging! On average of RM3.5k every month! And RedMummy. And HanisZalikha. And Kennysia and many more. *Kagum tak sudah I nih*

Ok back to the above mentioned topic, below are the list of things that I've done so far in making sure that I'm generating enough Nuffnang earning every month. Like I said before, to at least stock up on Adam's monthly Isomil milk. But before that, I need to say that whatever given below is very much related on how to increase my Nuffnang earning, because yeahh, I choose to be with Nuffnang only. =) *Saya memang setia untuk setiap perkara yang disukai* Tehehehehe...

Placed All 3 Ad Units
I added all 3 ad units on my blog (leaderboard, skyscrapper and large rectangle). Based on my observation, I noticed that most of the time every ad unit will run an advert from different clients. So, maximize the chance of being selected for campaigns with 3 ad units running together, kan lagi banyak duit tu kan?

Be a Nuffnang Glitterati
I choose to stay as Nuffnang Glitterati member to gain higher CTR (click through rate), eligible for advertorials opportunities, faster payment term and enjoy exclusive invites to events and many more. Glitterati means "an exclusive Nuffnang blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog".

Informative Topics
Write as many as informative topics on your blog so that people will come and search for it again. I mean we don't have to be too formal on this but a piece of good info in every entry will definitely add more value to the whole blog content. As for me, I noticed that people always coming back for info on travels, eating places, eczema, USANA, cupcakes and bunga dip. Owh, not to forget "main-dengan-bos" keyword. Uhh, I seriously don't know which manusia-gersand out there that keep searching for this EVERYDAY and apparently it hits my blog too. +P

Attractive Title
Previously, I used to put a super short or sometimes not even an attractive entry title until I learnt something from
Along. She was once said that a super crap title can actually leads to higher hits everyday. I don't know what is the scientific reason behind it, but I found it's true that "cupcakes-saya-warna-warni-marilah-beli" title will attract more poeple than just a plain "cupcakes" title. Ape logiknya, saya tak pasti. Bahahaha.

Submit Blog Link to Popular Search Engines
I submitted my blog link to two popular search engines; Google and Yahoo! *Hurmm, I think not many people know about this?* This is a way to increase your blog's traffic by submitting your blog link to the popular search engines but wait, it doesn't mean to boost your traffic instantly tau. But at least your blog is on their list and people will eventually find it based on the keyword searches.

Update on Daily Basis
Write and update blog on daily basis. Good if you can spare your time to write number of posts everyday. :) Of course you have to write an entry with something meaningful or interesting to increase and maintain the readers interest so as to keep them loyal to the blog. *But I admit, there were times when I gone missing undetected. Hihihi* But I'm glad to have you bunch of beautiful people in here that keep coming back for more, saya sayang kamu semua. :) Between, the more and the frequent you write, the higher the chances that the blog will be noticed by those popular search engines, kan? Again, you don't have to be too formal on each entry.

Blogroll is another easy way to get the links to your blog. It's great if we can link each other and benefit the clicks together kan? But heh, I still owe many of you the "link-back" thingy because many of the links that I'm supposed to add are now buried under tons of comments in my halocan account. Mahap for that, nanti saya buat entry khas untuk bloggerinas yer?

Visit, Comment & Leave Link
Don't forget to leave your link when commenting at other blogs. Of course this is another easy way for the clicks flow to your blog too. =) Don't be shy to leave the link, nanti rugi. =P

And don't forget to respond to the comments left on your blog too. This is a way to show that you value their opinions/ideas/thoughts, so as the time and effort to write in your comment box. It is always good to maintain this two way communication and at the end, it will increase the reader's loyalty to your blog too. But again, many sorries because there will be times when I am not able to reply to each and every comment because of the demanding jobs in hand. Bukan tak mahu reply, tapi memang bila saya free semua comment saya reply satu-satu. ;)

Niche Your Blog
This is one of the highly important criteria as it will clearly define what the blog is all about. For example a blog who talks mainly about foods and dining or political or entertainment or gadgets or travelling, that is considered as having a niche. But I think mine is more to lifestyle blog? Because I blog about practically everything that evolves or happens around me everyday.

Market the Blog
I'm not sure what is the right of saying this, but what I mean here is to display your blog link on your social networking tool that you have. Or in my case, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster. :)

Keep Simple
I love to read those blogs that are simple in design but with personality. And most of the time will avoid to read those blogs with too many widgets that makes the blog load very slowly.

Don't forget to tag your entry as it will add more function and interest to your blog. It will definitely be easy for people to navigate through your blog by using these relevant keywords tagged to each entry.

This is one of the key things that I've been holding to in my blogging activity. For so many reasons, people just love to see images. Right people? Moments captured in photos and added to the entry will make everything looks visually appealling and that can somehow draw traffic to your blog too. :) Trust me.

Nuffnang Blog Survey
Last but not least, completing Nuffnang blog survey is equally important as many others mentioned above. But I bet many of you tend to neglect and skip this part. The survey is actually there to help advertisers to know the blog better and most importantly, to choose the blogs that fit their campaign. So darlings, make sure that your blog survey, especially that 100 words write up about you and your blog is filled and updated regularly.

Hurmm, I think that is all for now and will be happy to share if I have more, okies? Owh, if you have any other than those mentioned above, please, please share it with me and everyone else here. :)

Eyh cop, I have one more important point that I forgot to highlight previously.

Use your Nuffnang analytical tool to monitor when is the peak hour of your blog everyday? 7am? 8am? 9am? and such. For example, I received the highest number of readers from 9am-10am everyday and for that, I'll try to make sure that my daily entry is up by 9am. Bak kata TM, best effort lah. =P Reason why? To maintain the reader's interest and moving on, I believed that they will be coming back for more. Macam, "owh sudah 9am, she must have updated her blog by now, have to go and read it", faham tak? =P




Thanks for the Nuffnang tips. Your blog is adorable :)

Hui Ting Cheah


Wow! Learn a lot of extra info from your blog. Keep the good works! Thanks for the Nuffnang tips! Luv ya.

Hui Ting Cheah


Wow! got much extra info from you. Keep up the good works! Thanks for the Nuffnang tips. Lov ya.

Mary Joyce Arbis


Thank you for the info, this is very useful! Much love!

charkuoi charkuoi


nice idea.. do visit my simple blog ya..



Thanks for the tutorial.. Setakat ni nuffnang aku tak berjaya sangat as per google adsense.

Amer Ridzuan


You published this on 2009 and it still worth it till now,2016. I'm new in this field and this is so useful. Thanks ya :)

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