MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

Dear MomBloggersPlanet,

I hereby submit my entry in this last monthly contest for the year, entitled "
MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest".

Phew, I'm so glad that the theme is super kacang pis that I don't have to crack my head just to get a pose of him in the required theme. "
Cutest Baby Smiling" , yeahhh I have tons of it in my folder and hopefully, this expressive and brightest smile will melt (better still, explode) your heart Little Mama. ;)

Since this is the last try for year 2009, I'm giving you the best photo of him that was taken recently and who knows if he could be one of the next baby stars right? And also to win one of the awesome prizes proudly sponsored by
PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders! *Amin amin amin*

So, here the yummy gummy smile from my little handsome man :)

Adam Haris Bin Mohd Fakhruddin (D.O.B: 17th April 2009)

Why I love to see my baby smiling?


He has the smile that melts my heart all the time, without fail. I can't describe and put the feeling into words but I know and I feel, that it's all sincere and full of love. Most importantly because he doesn't need a reason to smile
*unlike us adults when sometimes the smile is obviously fake, betul tak?*

He gives me the smile that fills my heart with pure love and happiness, even during the time when my life was going upside down in a totally wrong way. This is the smile that will always be there to catch me when I fall.

This is the secret smile that saves me from my every day madness, even when I feel like killing one's life, even when I feel tense with my sky rocketing workload, even when I'm in no mood for anything or even when I feel so down like there's no better life for me out there. But because of this precious smile, be it rain or shine, I know, my life will always be at its best.

And I can't tell you how best, how good, or how great it is to see my baby son's brightest smile every morning as if I'm his whole wide world. PRECIOUS. *Bahaha, I know, my husband must be damn jealous for this statement* Sorry dear, it's a world fact that he smiles at me first every morning before everyone else. Tehehehe...

All I can say is, his smile is contagious and definitely one of the joys of motherhood. :) This is the smile that makes all well worth while.

But I personally think that we mothers, don't have a specific reason why we love to see our little love smiling kan? Everything is so natural that this simple gesture can light up our life for many years to come. =)


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