Hurm...what should I say now? Can't think wisely, can't even make up my mind....So unsure of what I'm looking for in life...OK, I had enough crappy times... Reasons being, I pun tak sure.. In a one fine Friday morning, I woke up without any feelings towards ****** (Apekah ko merepek nih Shila!!) I'm at Wan's place rite now (5.52 am) and tinggal me, Fifa, Wawa & Amy yang tak tidok lagi...Having some girl's talk, well...Don't have to mention it here anyway...Thanks girls for comforting me and cheering me up!! I dont know whether I'm making a good decision, wisely la kot, but still I feel better this way...I just need my very own space and to settle down with everything....Sekian Terima Kasih...This CPA thingy is driving me insane! (What's so difficult to earn my very own 5 digits salary??)

"Kasihku, sampai di sini kisah kita, jangan tangisi keadaannya, bukan kerna kita berbeza..." (from geeky nerdy mean me...)

Owh, plus, we were discussing about the mmu nite...Bile, di mane, nak pakai ape and I guess the hottest issue that came across would be, whose your date?Hahaha...Seems like everyone looking for lelaki melayu terakhir yang tinggi...HIhihihiWink


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