Melbourne, Australia

Wheeee~~~ !! I'm here in Melbourne for holidays...Arrived at 7.05 am local time and the weather is making me half icy and I doubt that there will be no sun for today...Maklom la from Cyberjaya to Melbourne (microwave oven in Cyberjaya vs. fridge in Victoria) and my brain is somewhat terkejot berok sat...I wanted to sleep but my eyes can't, maybe the fact that I'm so used to waking up early in the morning, for the sake of my MICPA... (and somehow I dah ter-trashbin kan all my efforts..) But anyway, I'll be staying over until next 2 weeks before going back to KL and start working (eeuuuwww ! I should have decided to menganggur dulu patutnya...)
Gedikz farewell party went very well, enjoyable, full of funs and memories...Tho somewhere in between, there were few of us crying (including me..hihihi) and I was thinking, "Selalu lepas 3 weeks holidays kena balik MMU for another new trimester, but now I'm not going back there but EY.." Huwwaaaaa, tak mahu ! More things for me to think of, which I'm not that sure as to whether I've ready for that...Tapi takper, take one step at once and I guess I'll be fine...Hihi ! Gonna miss my good old days in MMU especially with the gurls, GeniusSelalu&Co. and everything that form part and parcel of my memories
P/S : To Wan Yazlini Marlina, enjoy your trip to UK and don't forget about the thing that I've asked for tu okiesss....


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