Cinta & my another year of long distance relationship...

Have u guys watched CINTA? Well, I think it deserves a good rating among those Malay movies shown on screen...Better than those old plain stories of Prof.R.M kan?

After watching the movie, there was this sudden feeling of being complete. Movie is very much to my liking and I just love the whole storyline and plot. From being love to mean and sarcastic, to me everything is just complete and perfect. (or was it me yang dah berkurun tak tengok movie?). It makes me feel real good and content.

Referring back to the movie, in my case the Shidi-Rita story hits me most! Rasa macam kena baling batu bata kat kepala! Hihihihi...There was a time when we broke up - when I decided to leave him without saying a word...and we both met when we were 18! Same je cam that story, cuma in that case, dia orang dah kawen...Huhuhu...But lesson and morale of the story is, yang first tu lah yang terbaik! (Tho, pegik deting pakai selipar sebelah lain sebelah lain....)


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