Sunday yang pantas

Why is it only Saturday and Sunday? Why is it not Saturday, Sunday, Sunday and Sunday before Monday? Hihihi, okels that's so nut. Tongue The weekend is just too short for me, it was like one single click and poooooffff! It's gone. With that, I've to wait for the other 5 working days before my next "hari bersenang lenggang" to come. Aiyayayyaya~~

First thing first is to kemas the bilik. I'm doing my planning of how to store my collectible items: boxes of McD toys, paper bags, tags, candles, barista bears, books, handbags especially and how and where to trash the junkies that been sitting in my room since 1989. Adeihhh....Between, where to keep my kotak2 memori of zaman2 genius. Hihihi (Soon nak kena buang keahlian dengan Dillot sebab Me takmo continue MICPA) Tongue

So, while doing the cleaning, something came to my sight. Something that has been tagged to the board since 1997 (10years!!). Erni Fadzila, does this thing ring a bell? The "Extreme Erni"? Okels, Erni gave this to me for my 14th burfday and she is now a mom-to-be. Omg! How time flies kan? (Nvm, later you can teach your kid of how to do this makhluk kecik from dawai. dawai patri tu okels.) Shades

So, that's about the cleaning thing. Let me share something about the wedding. Ehehe, bunga pahar. To order for the bunga pahar, a dip one, gonna cost me a bomb. So, wanting to have an exclusive bunga pahar with bushy shiny-miny ribbons, I decided to just do it by myself. But again, cara-cara nya ya puan2, kakak2 adik2 amatlah komplikated. I don't know why did I choose to do it that way or that design, but I like it and already 30% done with it (which only 1 week time je baru start) Smile *clap *clap *clap. Mama said, "Awat yang buat susah2? Detail sangat satgi leceh". I replied, "Nak buat macam mana, anak menakan Cik Jah..." Hihihihi. (Cik Jah is my auntie. Detail dan kemas adalah penting for making the berkat looks good and exclusive.) Am progressing well, alhamdulillah. But I tell you what, half of these petals that I did was not while at home. But in car, or while waiting for the traffic light to turn green and the super jam pack LDP, or di kala melepak @Old Town White Coffee or happy hour di karaoke or bila2 waktu free yang bukan di rumah. And total petals to date is 1000! (started since last 7 days). Good eyh? Hikhikhik Tongue

: : Eksperimen. Ok la kot kan? Btw, the satin ribbon is just for testing. Later will use the shiny miny goldie ribbons =) : :

And dalam kesebokan cleaning chores and a long wedding-to-do-list, I still managed to bake the cupcakes. Hihihihi.


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