Suami Ku Suka Membaca...

This is one over 100 of things that I recently knew about my husband. Well, of course there are few other revelations about your significant other half that you will only know after marriage. Or better say after sharing your everything and opening your territory to him.

First, it was a big shocked to me seeing him holding that 'thing' but being me, I just took it as "hurmm, tak kisah lah. Boring kot?" But that was when I first saw it and definitely I never thought of it to happen again.

But I was so wrong when he did it again yesterday and this time it was really "ape-kejadah-laki-ai-nih?". He didn't talk to me for hours, or should I say for the whole night because he was seriously concentrating on that "thing". Of course I didn't mind at first, because the clock was just ticking at ten minutes past nine (and I was busy browsing the net and addicted to playing 'judi' solitaire on my laptop). However, having both of us laying on the bed silently without any word was a bit weird to me but I decided not to disturb him for that matter. And somehow, I fell asleep and woke up at 1am for my routine trip to the loo. Guess what, he was still in the same position like 3 hours ago.

Owh mine, this cannot be the case. Apekah best sangat benda itu??

Anyway, he still did his normal routine of applying and massaging stretch oil on my belly but that was for 15 minutes before he off to the bathroom as I turned off the light.

I'm not sure how long he was there in the bathroom but I believed he 'stayed' in there for about an hour or more. Because he was still awake at 2am.

Now, wonder what he did last night?


Ahhh, I know, you must be saying, "it's only reading, what so weird about it anyway?" No, it's not the act that matter to me, but the reading material that is.

Novel di bawah ini. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, laki ai suka baca novel melayu and I tatawu pon seblom kawen neh. Of course the books are mine, but I didn't expect him to have the same interest as to read this kind of material. Siap touching2 lagi lepas baca. Aiyoh~! And siap cari lagi mana I sorok semua novel2 yang ada, sebab I sorok takmo bagi dia baca, kalau dia baca nanti satu malam dia tak bercakap. Hihihihi...


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