Langkawi - Day 2

Janganlah di nanti cerita (apatah lagi gambar) kilang gamat, cable car, beras terbakar, makam Mahsuri dan lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya. None of those was in our short trip to Langkawi.


I've told you, not a kind of holidays that you may be looking for.

But I did my quick visit to Idamansuri and got my work done within 15 minutes only (I had to make it fast as I left Adam with his daddy in car. Kang takut apa Ayah dia dok merapu dengan anak bujang neh)

: : Breakfast RM6.50nett dekat hotel. Murah kan??? Room service lagi : :

The only thing that I had in mind was The Loaf. I told my husband that I don't mind not going anywhere and lazing in room for three days, but please and please, bring me to The Loaf. I need to satisfy my craving over Seafood Pasta and Freeze Latte so badly.

And I know he will. Anything on foods, katakan saja, Insyaallah ditunaikan. Cuba mintak henbeg, barangkali penampaq sedas yang I bakal dapat. Huhuhuhu. =P *Tampaq tampaq manja la tapi* Hahahaha...

The Loaf is located at Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park and it can be quite a long way if you are driving from Kuah. But again, it worth every km with the beautiful scenery along the way. I love the place. Not only the bakery shop but the whole quay itself. Beautiful place with perfect scene of luxury yachts along the harbour.

*Mesmerised me*

Ok, back to the bakery shop, The Loaf. Tho some people claimed that foods are expensive here, I personally think this is one of the best place to dine in Langkawi. At least for us as we felt very homely and cozy there.

I decided not to comment on foods mainly because I am not a good food taster. Hahahahhaa. But yes its true. Kalau boleh makan, boleh habes, boleh kenyang, I will consider that as sedap. I am not a good cook hence I am not that skillful to know whether they add enough pinch of salt or sprinkle of sugar. That kind of thing lah.

We ordered Seafood Pasta, Mushroom Soup in Bread and Deep Freeze Latte.

The Latte is their speciallity and signature drink as the coffee is froze into cubes and milk is poured over it in glass. *Good thing: milk is refillable so long the cubes are there*

Mushroom Soup in Bread. I love the creamy taste and the super soft bread that made me digged the filling to the bottom. Ikut hati nak makan je roti neh, tapi kang buat malu pulak, ehehehhe.

Spaghetti Puttanesca with Seafood (salin dalam phone ok nama neh) was my late lunch for that day. Tho it was priced at RM30++ per serving, I will still rate it as A+ for the taste and most importantly the generous amount of seafood in my plate. (Mussels, scallops, squids, prawns)

Did I tell you that I went wild over the line of freshly baked breads over there?? Fuhhh, sedap ok bau dia.

So that's about. Well, I have yet to try the one in Pavilion, but as for this, it worth a visit. Especially for a foodie like me as I was awed to no end. =)

: : Optimus prime kecik : :

: : Tengah poo-poo : :


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