Nuffnang - Ogawa Event @ TGIF Pavillion

I'm glad that I was invited to Nuffnang's Ogawa dinner held in TGIF Restaurant, Pavillion last Wednesday. Seriously I was that close to decline the invitation because I thought it would be held during office hour, which taking another leave was way too impossible. Until they told me that "no dear, it's a dinner, starting at 7.30pm..." Aha! Then that's great and I immediately confirmed my attendance to the said event. *Tho I was a bit worried about not knowing anyone at the event*


Wohoo!! It was not that bad after all because I finally met those popular bloggers which their blogs are considered as "BAHAN-WAJIB-BACA" and with that, adding more friends into my social circle. =)


Definitely I am more than happy to finally met Redmummy~! Blogger celebrity, wajib lah teruja kan? Kuikuikuikuikui.

: : With Liza : :

: : Leeds, Farah, Me, Ceera, Liza & Kak Mya : :

: : Bersama Liza & Redmummy! : :

: : Dengan Leeds yang petite. : :

: : Dengan hot mama. Farah : :

: : Bloggers hot hot hit. Hehehehe. With Iza, Wani and Farah : :

: : Orang beratur makan, kita orang beratur amik gambar tak sudah. Hihihi : :

: : Dengan Redmummy! Amik berkat sep-sep sikit beg merah glemen : :

: : Iza, Farah, Redmummy, Leeds, Wani, Shila and Kak Pnut

It was a great night filled yummylicious dinner spread (its TGIF yo, not any Selera Keluarga, Saji-Saji or whatnot), fun and hilarious 'broken telephone' game (which the pantun is stuck in my head for 3 days now!) and of course meeting the hot-hot-hit blogger babes for real. (Bukan dalam mimpi mahupun berangan di siang hari).

: : Opening remarks : :

: : Nuffnangers! : :

: : Game session : :

Liza, tell me how to get rid of this pantun because I keep reciting it for quite a few times everyday neh. Tengah bawak kereta pon tibe-tibe baca pantun. Hampeh.

Mari bertanding sambil ketawa (yea right, memang ketawa macam orang gile pun)
Sambil memandang gadis yang lawa (ok man, bukan gadis yang lewa)
Bertanding lidah jangan sambil lewa
Kalau nak menang hadiah Ogawa

See?? See?? Only now I get to remember it phrase by phrase. *Terlambat sudah yer*


Back to the main agenda of Ogawa's products try out in the store (which is few doors away from TGIF).

First, I got myself to experience Ogawa's current hit: Smart Aire Massage Chair. One thing that I like most about this massage chair is its pressing programme of kneading, tapping, clapping, knocking and more. So as to manually choose and adjust the stroke in a way that you love most. So boleh pilih ala-ala gaya dekat massage centre gitu...The chair is a total comfort with the well equiped airbags on the seat cushion, calf rest and foot area which made me feel like sleeping. SUPERB. SEDAP woh!

The other health machine that I got to try is EZShape which is meant for slimming. Well, it served me right lah kan as I got to burn my TGIF callories during that product testing. It works by the vibrating function that is said to shake off the extra fats from our body. On top of that, it helps to burn callories, increase metabolism and tighten muscles too.

Owh, did I mentioned that Ogawa has a new little ambassador? Mr. Farell! Baby of Farah. Sedap je dia bersenang lenang di atas bonda dia sambil mata meng-observed kiri kanan. Tak bunyi suara pun. Mungkin dia confuse what was happening around him that night? Why is all the adults busy on trying the machines? Hihihihi...

I enjoyed the night very much, every bit of it from the free dinner to wonderful time seeing the famous bloggers around. Again, nice meeting you ladies and thank you NUFFNANG for inviting me to such a wonderful event. Nanti ajak lah I lagi. Hahahhahaha.

: : Kena lah happy happy ya ya kan? : :

: : Lama sudah okeh tak amik gambar gini gaya : :

: : Bloggerinas : :

: : Free~!! : :

: : Yeah, and I love you so much Nuffnang. =) : :

Dengan ini juge, saya sediakan dua kotak tissue buat lap air mata pada Mommy Danish and Mommy Iman and Mia. Agagagaggagaga!!!


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