Devilishly Cookies!

To date, I have rolled, shaped and baked nearly to 2500 pieces of icing cookies!


I mean wow because,

It's my solo cookie making performance and I've decorated each and every bit of it on my own. *Gile gigih takde sempadan kamu ni Shila*

But of course with the help of my parents to take care my hunny bunch sugar pie Adam Haris. *Husband I kan busy 24/7, hihi*

Kitchen is still busy now and will stay in that mode at least until end of November, with number of cupcakes and cookies orders in line. =)


I deserve a little treat after all this knead-roll-cut-bake works! Owh, not another handbag but a good pair of sandals that are made for walking, shirts and accessories to add more style ;) Semestinya all at discounted price, hihi. After all, I haven't splurged like this for quite some time now. *Lari!! Mat Kown jegil mata dah tuuu!!*


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