Don't worry I'm at peace

Life isn't always beautiful.

It's a mixture of happiness and sadness. Like it or not, we just have to live with it till the end of our life, but how you handle it makes a difference. There are times in life when you just feel so sad, so down and so bad and unfortunately, you cannot help it. So let that happen, feel OK about it as this is just part of life. Isn't it?

I've come a long way to where I am now, gone through all the goods and bads, of course I won't let this stupid ugly moron to bring me down (sorry and excuse me for the language, but I found it nicer than to call you a b*tch). Tapi memang patut pun lembab, bawak keta je lebih nak pegi federal highway pun tak reti. Kalau ada masalah hidup, carilah ustazah. Padan la laki pun perangai macam tu. Owh jangan beranganlah nak bagi anak kamu kawan dengan Adam, over my dead body. Adam Haris tak perlu saingan picisan macam itu. Now the whole thing about you adalah menggelikan dan memualkan, tahu? Sorry for the hatred but this is the effect of being hurt, so deeply.

*take a deep breath*

And please, always remember this: "If you don't feel the lows, you won't feel the highs, at all". Thank you for caring and you are beautiful readers. Juga Wani, thank you kamu sungguh sweet, no wonder Along sayang kamu to bits. =)

Don't worry, I'm good now, I'm at peace and I'm happy playing Farmville now.

Yeah, I'm on Farmville. Telah bergerak dari Level 1 ke Level 7 sekarang. In a day. I was nearly to buy farm cash and farm coins tapi nanti dulu. =P Nanti duit Paypal habes beli duit Farmville aja.

By the way, anyone here who wants to be my neighbour? *Saya baik hati. Nanti saya bagi pokok*

I have a pig in my farm now. Haram tapi kena bela because it was given by my cousin.

Finally I'm hooked on Farmville on FACEBOOK. *Now please tell me how to gain more cash and coins?* Because I see some of you are so rich with hundreds thousands of cash and coins. That's so WOW! And I only have like err, 3000 coins? and 11 cash. =P


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