Bulan-bulan kenduri

November and December are months that full of kenduri(s). Almost every weekend ada kenduri kan? Speaking of which will stretch our budget sikit this month because it will be Kedah-KL-Penang-KL-Kuantan-KL on this coming December. I can foresee the botakness of Mat Kown having to pay for the tolls, fuels, car maintenance and miscellaneous expenses for the trip. Hukhukhukhuk...

And for makan kenduri, I hope I don't stray too much from my diet plan because, heck, I find it so hard to resist on lauk kenduri especially on pajeri nenas. *Fei, I had a really great one at your kenduri last week. Sedap melampaulah!* Or err, maybe it was me who's extremely starved on that day kot?

Eyh, I sambung tulis nanti boleh? Sungguh penat because we had our fire and evacuation drills just now. Fire drill pun penat? Yeah, because we used staircase to go down to the ground floor *from level 12* and have to walk further to the assembly area *mencari oksigen sekarang*.

Till then, seperti biasa, gambar-gambar cuci mata. =)


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