Lepak-Lepak MRSM Langkawi

Terasa seperti saya dah bertukar sekolah dari Jasin ke Langkawi. Hikss.. :)

Kepada yang tak dijemput *muahahaha, bakar line Pak Dan* maaf lah, bukan kami tak mau ajak, tapi ini bukan gathering ka apa pun. Mama Adam and Mama Sofie yang saja nak bergedik santai. Hihihi...

Adam as usual hanya pakai smart di awal waktu saja, lepas tu dia komplen nak buka kasut. Haishh, tak boleh nak bagi melaram langsung. Tskkk...


I have a question here. Where can I get a nice and pretty accessories (bangles and necklaces) at an affordable rate because I've been into them lately. Buying new shirts and jeans is not an option now, nor making an alteration to the old ones, so I try to master the skill of accessorizing my outfits because I think it gives a new life *macam sleek and elegant* to my old plain shirts or blouses. Now, I'm looking for more necklaces (drop, rope, strass long, hammered style) and simple bangle set so that I can keep myself in style, hihihi... *Tiba-tiba je kan jadi fashion conscious* My favourite stop now is Forever 21 but it has pretty limited choices to fit my liking. So, mana lagi?

Of course I would love to try a belt but wait until I slim down the pesky spare tire around my waist and tummy area. Hihihihi...


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