Mama, let's go!

: : Adam bawak 50 Euro sudah. Cukup buat beli fish, vege and fruit. Hehehehe : :

Phewww. Alhamdulillah.

I managed to strike out one of my urgent-things-to-do, thus leaving me with another TWELVE pending items. Adam's passport was done without much hassle. The reason why I said so is because we went to the immigration office in the afternoon, *12PM hokeyy* yet everything was done in just half and hour. Thank you to Special Lane for bayi dan ibu mengandung. Owh yes, provided you have your complete documentation with you lah kan. :P Teehehehhehhe. And tahniah Immigresen Sri Rampai for being efficient :)

7 days before Adam's birthday and 14 days before leaving for Frankfurt, basically I only have that much time.

*Amy, when are we going to do the grocery shopping??*

Between, I'm glad that Euro has gone down with the latest exchange rate of 1 Euro = RM4.38. Otherwise, it would have been higher up to RM4.60 for 1 euro kot? Still, shopping is out of the world. I am one super-kedekut woman right now, just to make sure that Paris is a dream come true. Hihihihihihi. *Amy, pegik la sambung jalan sampai London tu, ala-ala honeymoon sempena anniversary yang baru nih kan?* ;)


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