Finally back at home!


We are finally back at home, after 8 days being a vegetarian.

I'm blessed to be born in Malaysia. For 1001 good things that Germany and France has, Malaysia is still the best at heart. Owh yes, because of the foods! FOODS.

Got to go. Will write more about our trip later. I need my good night sleep now.

*Adam tidur dengan Maktok and Tokwan malam ni. Semua dah rindu angau dekat Adam* =P But at this hour, he is still wide awake and not giving a single sign of being sleepy. Agaknya dah ikut time Germany yang baru 8.00pm and cerah lagi. Because we were flying accross time zones, I hope that his body will adjust his body clock real soon. Dibuatnya dia ikut terus time Germany, pengsan!

P/S: To those yang order handbag, your bag is here with me. Happy to tell you that I managed to bring back paperbag as well. So boleh feel2 gaya beli dekat Pavilion ke, Gardens ke. Hihihihii. :)


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