Adam sakit demam, mama sakit pinggang, ayah sakit jiwa


Above is Mat Kown's family tagline for this week. And that's the reason just in case everyone was wondering why this blog is not being updated as usual.

Adam is down with viral fever. Tho it doesn't indicate anything serious but we had enough of two heart-wrenching nights when his body temperature was not showing any sign to drop. After much struggle to feed him medicine which always ended with screams, free kicks and medicines flying everwhere, we decided to take him to PMC, tanah tumpah darahku and let the doctor and nurses do their job. Owh, and the unlimited bill is on TM. *Penat bayar bil Streamyx kaput, now I nak kutip balik bagi Adam Haris. Hehehehe*

So mommies and daddies, any tips on how to feed a toddler medicine? He will throw tantrum if we try to use syringe. He will crawl away if we try to spoon feed him. He will reject his milk/meal entirely if we lace it with medicine. Or he will throw up quite a lot if we force him in every way possible. Drama gila bila nak makan ubat. +P

Hopefully this will just be temporary until he is big enough to understand what is the purpose of medicine. *Tapi mau dekat setahun lagi nih* As for now, we have to play some tricks in order to feed him medicine or else, Pantai Medical lah jawabnya. Sobssss. But trick doesn't mean TIPU, like saying "ubat ni, rasa yummy macam ribena" and whatnot, because I know my little boy is clever enough to differentiate the taste and texture. I want him to know that ubat is ubat and like it or not, he must have the spoonful of it. I'm worried if too much of tipu-sana-sini, he will learn not to trust the adults at all.

And me, being 7 months pregnant, I fell down the floor last week. Horror ok. But alhamdulillah, after few ctg and scan sessions done, baby is confirmed safe and sound in mummy's tummy. And this is the second time after the first one happened few months ago. For the very same reason, makcik cleaner mop lantai but not putting that yellow caution sign, "Awas lantai basah" and left the place all wet. So yer, sayalah mangsanya sampai dua kali. Maybe I should buy one of good shoes from Clarks but I don't think they have much on open toes and flat designs.

Above all, I think my husband is the most yang perlu dikasihankan. +P His workload is flowing like no end, in the same time having to juggle between anak yang demam and isteri yang sakit pinggang. But Mat Kown being Mat Kown, still remains workaholic as he is. To him, everyday is working day, and everyday is holiday. Once he is committed to something, tak payah berangan nak ajak dating bagai, tak dapekkk punya.

When I asked him to have a break, he told me that he already made a promise to himself. "To provide everything best for me, Adam and soon adik; it may or may not be anything more from those makan-gaji-days but surely not anything less from what we had before" Katanya, kalau masa makan gaji Adam minum Isomil, pakai MamyPoko and Huggies, makan ikan kurau and such, so he will now and same will go to Adik.

Terima kasih for all your sacrifices. :)


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