Random Updates

  • I have few good things to share but it's hard for me to find spare time to write about it. So yeah, will keep it till saya-tidak-tahu-bila.
  • I'm in my 34th week of pregnancy. Lower back pain. Abdominal discomfort. Upset stomach. Difficulty in sleeping. Aihhh semualah! Most often than not, I wish to give birth at 36 weeks. Hohohohoho!
  • 6 weeks to go and I haven't packed my hospital bag yet.
  • I'm done with my baby checklist. All checked except that I haven't washed baby no.2 clothes.
  • After weeks of reading, searching and analyzing, I've finally bought the breast pump. Thank you Mat Kown. I'll take it as our coupleversary yang ke-9! Kuikuikuikui...
  • Today is my day-4 without Mat Kown. Aishh, bosanlah takdak orang nak buat lawak.
  • Adam has 8 plus 4 cuspids popping out all together! His my baby dracula.
  • I had McD's Ayam Goreng Spicy with plain rice for lunch today. Dry? But it's so yummeh for my taste.
  • Still a bit sad that I turned down the Nuffnang LG Cookie Monster Party invitation. My husband wasn't around that day plus nobody was available to take care of Adam, otherwise I would have been Mommy Monster for that night~!
  • I want to buy a loose fitting yoga pants but all priced above RM70! That's a bit too much for me to pay. The one that I have now was from Tesco and I bought it for only RM29.90, but heh, that was year ago.
  • We have yet to finalize on baby no.2 name but it will sure be a A-H combination. Just like Adam Haris, bukan Anya Hindmarch. Hihihihihi
  • Any breastfeeding class that will be held in August? Tell me if you know any.
  • My husband asked me this, "Beautiful from Far?" or "Far from Beautiful", which one do I prefer? Beautiful from far lah, ada jugak unsur-unsur cantik daripada tak ada langsung. =P
  • For all of sudden, Adam is super clinging to me right now. Tak boleh out of sight sikit, mula nak sebek. Probably he knows that his baby brother will come out soon. Don't worry darling, you will still be my number one.
  • I didn't get any leg cramps this time but constantly having muscle cramps on my lower back during night time, that it becomes so severe that a slight movement is impossible at all. Not even an inch! Takut gila okeh? I went for physiotherapy session but they said it's deep tissue and that I'm pregnant, they can't do much about it.
  • On family planning; my husband said that he is fine with anything as long as it does not cause horrible mood swings. It's my body after all, so dia tak mau banyak songeh macam-macam, ehehehehhe....
  • Fabulous Mom sale is back! I've bought plenty of breastfeeding stuff from the store. Nursing bra for only RM15.90! Okeh lah tu kalau nak duduk rumah kan. Medela Purelan RM24.65. Jingle Jungle breastmilk storage bag (50pcs) for RM19.46. Ice packs, bm storage bottles, organic soya drink, aishh macam-macamlah. =P
  • Mega Sale is back but I am not in mood for it. In fact I hate to see the word SALE hanging every where. Because it's almost impossible to find a good piece in my size right now. Menyampah!

Till then, tata!


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