Someone needs a haircut

We really need to take him to hairdresser this time. If we were to do it, highly likely that the process will be undone and a trimming works while asleep is not working either. It's hard to keep him sit still even for seconds. It's worst if everything ends up with this Temenggung-Jugah-Anak-Barieng looks. Tskkk...

So, does anyone know any good place that can do baby haircut and charged reasonably? Faster yet gentle to baby? We need someone who is good at handling active baby and able to make a quick cut on his hair before he screams the place down.

P/S: Kesian, rambung panjang sangat bila tidur berpeluh-peluh...

P/S/S: But come to think of RM50 for a 1-inch hair trim, sounds like a big waste eyh? Baik Mama dia pi buat hair treatment. Ekekekekeke...But I may consider it for a handsome Hari Raya look of Adam Haris. :)


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