Treat every child as an individual

Yup. The above topic is one of the important things that I've learnt from Child Development Workshop at Prince Court last Saturday.

Every child has their own needs and preferences because they are just as different as any individuals in the world. I'm a true believer on this, seriously. We as a parent should know and clearly understand on things that our kids like and dislike and respond to it accordingly.

Two simple examples,

I don't like to eat Rambutan but I shouldn't stop Adam from eating it kan? That is totally unfair because by doing so, I will cut one of his nikmat makan in this world. I mean, bila dia dah cukup besar untuk makan rambutan lah which obviously not now. Hihihi.

Or my husband shouldn't stop our son from getting any closer to a cat just because of this unfortunate event happened between him and a stray cat many years ago, betui dak? Ailurophobia. =P

And my rule of thumb, "COMPARISON is a big NO". My husband, my parents, all of them know that for whatever reasons on earth, I hate being compared. For that, I have never compared my son (soon to be plural, hihihi) to other kids because I know, it will definitely affect his self esteem which later gives a bad impact on his life. We should very much avoid from comparing our little one to other kids, or even worst among siblings, because hey, they can do the same as well. Don't they? Do you like being compared to other parents? Surely you don't, right?

So when people came to me and asked, "Eyh, Adam kan dah setahun lebih, belum jalan lagi eyh?" I just replied to them with a simple smile. What else can I do anyway? I know Adam is doing good at his own pace and I shouldn't be worry on that at all because I know that he is catching up fast on many other things. And who knows that on one evening, he stood up and walked on his own? None of us.

To me, comparison will lead to a hell lot of negative things than positive ones; mainly low self esteem, insecurities, lose focus and more. We should always remember that our kids are special and gifted in their own way. Above or below average or academic achievement is not all that important and not even a good indicator for a long life performance.

Even the world genius Albert Einstein was a slow learner when he was a child. He was not developing as a baby should but who knows, that later he is one of the genius person in the world? World ok, bukan kelas 6 kuning whatsoever. Any child can shine, just don't ruin their potentials by comparing them to others.

One real life example that I have is my own husband. He graduated with Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering but his degree scroll and academic certificates are no where to be seen. Hilang tah ke mana je. Yet, he managed to secure 3 different jobs before he started doing business on his own. Well, he hasn't hit the peak yet, but his good leadership and PR skills are what he makes do for living (plus hati kering muka tebal punya). He said, it's university of life, bukan Universiti Malaysia Pahang, ekekekekeke....Tapi Adam, janganlah jadi malas macam pak hang dulu okeyyyyy. Mama babab nanti.


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