Ok ok, saya update sekarang :P

Hello! I'm back! *for a while* hihi. Right now, I'm multitasking; breastfeeding my baby in a cradle position (big thanks to whomever invented the nursing pillow) and writing a post on my blog. But yeah, typing takes longer than usual because in between, I need to adjust my baby position and tickle his feet or his neck whenever he looks sleepy.

So, how's your day going? Mine has been crazy busy lately and infact, I'm still adjusting myself to my new daily routines; with an active toddler running around and exploring things *non stop* and a breastfeeding baby who needs to be fed every 3 hours. Well, that kind of explains why I haven't been able to update my blog like I usually do.

And how is your Hari Raya preparations? I didn't prepare anything for myself, not a single thing as I decided to wear my last year baju raya *because ehem, size, ehemmm, doesn't permit for new baju fesyen* Plus, I have like err, 25 days of puasa ganti, so why need to be extravagant on preparing baju raya. *Orang puasa je boleh raya.Huhuhuhu* Even my husband decided to wear his baju kawen during this coming Raya *cost efficiency katanya* Tapi Bang, jangan buat cerita Abang Jamil sudeh lerrr, nanti ShilaShower bertukar menjadi Latifah pulak karang. Anyways, I'm fine with that because I'm not so fancy with everyone getting warna-sewarna from up to toes. Kalau about the same shade tu, considerable lah.

But of course I bought few shirts and pants for both Abang and Adik, tho I know that Adam has plenty of brand new clothes that yet to be used and Adik has lot of Abang-brand-new-hands-me-down-bajus. Ala, buat syarat ada baju raya kan. And thank you kawan-maksu-suraya for sponsoring Adam's baju melayu for this year. See? For two years people been sponsoring his baju melayu, semoga terus murah rezeki kamu anak. ;)

Ini ajo yang Mama punya. Mode: Confinement

I think that's about it. Being a multitasker adalah susah rupanya. I mean, typing and breastfeeding kan. Just in case I don't make it to another post before raya, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. :) Enjoy your raya darling readers! I'll be celebrating my raya in KL with all these param, pilis, bengkung and such. *Bluerghhh!* Surely going to miss the fun of balik kampung beramai-ramai this year. Sobsss~~ And my kuey teow sup R&R Tapah, huwaaa!


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