Breastfeeding in Public

I've been reading articles and loading up my brain with more info on breastfeeding since last week (I'm experiencing bad susu days now) ~>___<~ but number of times that I stumbled upon videos and articles about moms being threatened and boo-ed for breastfeeding their child in public. 

Seriously, what is wrong about breastfeeding in public? Unless you simply whooped out your boobies and fed your little one with you tanks wide open, that's a different case altogether as it is clearly embarrassing lah kot kan.

I understand that it may not be a norm to breastfeed openly in public but hey, that's a natural act from mommy to her little feeder you know? And I personally think that as long as the chest area and back is properly covered, then it's fine. 

Why do this people have to perceive this as some sexual symbol or as if the mother is doing a free strip show or something? And you say nothing to someone who dressed up in an eye popping outfit with boobs almost spilled out of top? Lempang karang baru tau!

Personally, I don't mind to breastfeed my little one in public as long as everything gets properly covered. But well, I worked my way slowly to actually get my comfort level to do it in public. Aiman is a spontaneous feeder (and can be very monstrous too) that most of the times I really have to act fast and quickly feed him before he starts screaming and telling out the world that he is hungry. 

And to find a nursing room or proper place to breastfeed takes time and can be very drawn out too. Plus, nothing can be more nerve racking than a wail of hungry baby and no one likes it, kan? So, feed him in public it is. 

Lastly, I just want to tell the whole wide world that breastfeeding is one of the most of challenging thing that I ever done in my life. Boleh bagi sama taraf macam nak buat bungee jumping tahu?

My spontaneous little feeder. See? Mum's in charge!


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