My Coke-Perisa-Diesel partner is MARRIED!

Woootttt! Woootttt! 

One of my MMU darlings just got married last week. OMG! OMG! 

Dillot! You are now Mrs. Azmi! *Edited my phone book. No more Dillot Coke Diesel. Changed to Mrs. Azmi*

Anyway, the moment I saw this on her Twitter timeline, "Good morning world. Good morning life. Good morning husband!" I know, that she is happily married to her Mr. Perfect Man. :) 

So Dillot, now you got an entire new life ahead with new job scope added into your daily routines, "JAGA SUAMI". Know what? Sometimes it can be tougher than doing consol tau? Or sometimes it can be worse than cracking your head for MICPA exams, but still managed to pass with flying colors kan? Have fun! ^__^   Don't worry dear, married life is great and yeay, that it is full of surprises too! Like, "husband has plenty of PINK boxers!" Joking! 

Here again, happy married life PUAN AZLYNN ARDILLA. :) And may your marriage be blessed with beautiful GENIUS children ;)

Nak lagi. Kenduri dah habis. Mana mau cari?
 Little man dapat bunga from the bride :)
 For once, bagi chance minum iced cordial. 
 Happy lah!
Haruslah posing-posing. Lama dah tak buat kerja macam nih. Haha
 ShilaShower Junior :)
 Muka over excited makan whipped cream. -___-
 MRSM Jasin schoolmate ;) Dr.Tahirah. 
My MMU mate, ibu mengandung 8 bulan tapi masih gorjes, Salwa. *I is jeles*
 MMU hotties ;) 
 Dato' dan Datin. Haha. 
 Ini pun "I is jeles". MMU classmate, ibu beranak dua, tapi kurus slim aje. Fifah.
 Aih, semualah "I is jeles". Lagi sorang MMU mate, mummy gorjes, Raje. 
Semoga berjaya kurus lah sebelum raya. Mak nak pakai baju pesyennnnn!


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