Raspberry Pink. Hot Pink. Fuchsia. Or anything Pink.

It's my pink day today. Mostly everything on me is basking in pink splendor. :) I feel so good today and I don't know why. It just that I feel today is going to be a great day (despite of waking up late at 7.30am!). Or maybe it's due to that extra dosage of lagu keinsafan that I listened to last night? Hmpphhh, should listen to it more often instead to over-gaga myself with nonsense songs, hihihi....

Speaking of which, maybe I should wear pink shades more often than hiding myself under dark-colored clothes. *fat*cough*fat*to*cover*cough* Or maybe I should be more expressive and more fresh on my color selection. But I still don't have the guts and courage to do color blocking and to pair such bold colors, ahhh tak berani. Because I'm worried if I look like fashionista-wannabe-but-at-total-failure. :P So here, one bold fresh color will do just fine. At least not to look like so makciks when I am just 28 *cough*masih muda*cough*. 

Pink is my favorite color nonetheless. Always. And I think I look good in pink. Nampak sikit like ibu muda energetic gitu, hiks.. 


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