A dinner with Fonterra

Thank you Nuffnang and Fonterra for the dinner invitation :)

This private dinner which was held yesterday in Bora Asmara, Sg Penchala was also attended by other bloggers; ThePinkStilettos, Submerryn, Ceeramoon, Viruspadu, PerempuanJomblo, Babyibu, Eyriqazz and few others whom I can't remember the names. Huhu. Sorry!

In fact, it was such a great opportunity given by the host that night as I got to meet and talked to one of the two experts in the fields of children's nutrition, dietary carbohydrates and added sugars; Professor Davies, Director for Children's Nutrition Research Centre, University of Queensland Australia, and Dr John Monro, Principal Scientist in Institute for Plant and Food Research, New Zealand. Both of them are currently in Malaysia this week to present as key note speakers at an independent scientific medical symposium for leading healthcare professionals, academics and Government officials on added sugars in children's diets.

Basically, from the quick discussion that we had on this hotly debatable issue; Added Sugars, I personally conclude that there are two important rules that I should keep myself aware to; first don't be excessive and second get balance.

First, anything that is excessive in amount will definitely harm our health and body, so same goes to added sugars in children's diet. So be moderate. Second, ensure a good balance of nutrition in children's diet based on healthy food pyramid. Balance here means eat the right amount of foods from all levels of the food pyramid. So, don't turn yourself into Orga about all this added sugars thingy, nak tukar susu, tak tukar susu, when in the same time your little munchkins are gobbling down sweet stuff like there's no tomorrow.

Eyh, I once saw a baby (10mos lah at most pun) drinking "TEH AIS" and eating "MI GORENG MAMAK" and his mom was just acting "owh, nak lagi? nah minum ler makan ler" like that. To me, both are not an OK food and drink to Aiman Haris, considering the baby was just about the same size as Aiman. :P Or maybe I'm a fussy banyak songeh mommy but come on, insyaallah if God permits, your baby will still have a whole long way in his ife to enjoy all the good foods in the world, so why can't you be a little bit selective during his first two years of life kan? Lepas tu nak makan roti canai pun apadehalnyaaaa ;)

As for Bora Asmara, I personally felt that the food was just OK and nothing to brag about, ambiance was nice and waiters were quite attentive to our requests. Kejap nak baby chair, nak itu lah nak ini lah. Well, the normal situation when you have two kids dining together. :P Owh, there is surau in there except that bercampur lelaki perempuan. So kena pandai-pandai take turn. By the way, we've been here before quite several times jugak and this place actually looks much beautiful during the day where you can see more of the traditional Balinese setting. Kalau malam, macam makan di bawah sinaran lampu minyak tanah lebih kurang gayanya. :P


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