First time using Sephora makeup

I think I am the last person to go hu-ha-huyehhh over this new Sephora makeup store in KLCC.  Well, mainly because KLCC is just not my place, nak shopping? Nahhh, check purse, can only see few pcs of RM10 notes, so forget about it. Plus, not so baby friendly jugak; crowded, very few nursing rooms, baby changing tables in public washrooms and super siput lift service which is not convenient for parents with two strollers. Eyh, why am I complaining about KLCC shopping centre nih? Iskkk, selalu melencong topik tau.

Ok, back to Sephora, walauweii this make up store is totally fabulous and I was amazed with everything they sell there. Cosmetics, perfumes, body and facial care products, make up tools, hair products and many other assorted beauty products that everything is just so unique, fresh and affordable too, but err that depending on what you are planning to buy jugak. :)

Seriously they carry an extensive makeup and beauty products range and the best thing is, everything has a sample for you to try out! Yeah, with all the disposable makeup sponges and puffs, brushes, tissues and cotton balls free to be used. Basically, that going to make you stay in the store for hours, trying on all makeups and everything else that catches your eyes. ;)

But please do your math *carefully* before proceeding to the payment counter because very likely you may end up buying things that you don't even need. You know, just the normal evil feeling of must-have-to-have-it sebab packaging super gediks melampau (pink, glitter2, diva like) and later you may end up leaving the store with a bag of stuff that you didn't originally plan to buy. Sungguh mudah menjadi impulsive buyer di kedai ini. 

Or maybe in my case, I went there with one and only intention to buy bottle of body wash, saja nak try the berry like smell lah konon. But heh, no body wash was purchase, not even a miniature bottle but I walked out the store with one small paper bag in hand (with makeup stuff inside). -_____-" Shila and her misi terbabas, ahhh just a normal thing that happened bila mata jadi rambang.

Okay, here's what I bought:

Sephora Mattifying Foundation - RM65 (oil free foundation, matte finishing, long lasting, price adalah ok, half the price of Chanel Matte Lumiere refill, hehehe)

Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara - RM69 (waterproof, makes my eyelashes longer and thicker and doesn't clumps)

Sephora Flashy Eyelines - RM29 (waterproof eye pencil, easy to apply)

Conclusion is, I am happy with the above purchase and I've got nothing to complain about so far. ;) Takde breakouts pun, so I assume it suits my skin well lah kot. 

I think there is no other cool beauty store like this in Malaysia except Sephora and to make it better than the normal over-the-counter brands is, they carry extensive range and assorted beauty products and the whole place itself is like a makeup heaven! You can even try that RM999 worth perfume *not sure what brand* whether to apply it on your skin or spray on fragrance blotters and tak ada orang nak marah pun. :) Tapi bau dia busuk weh!


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