The one which made me burst into tears.... :'(


I don't actually know her (Norma) in person but I've been reading her SIL's blog (Moon) for quite a while already. The couple got married, Norma became pregnant, gave birth to Baby Rafiq in the same time fighting against brain cancer. Tak sempat pun seorang ibu nak jaga baby yang baru lahir tu... :'(

Ever since I came across few blogs that have written a special entry for Norma, I thought it would be ok for me to do the same. So readers, your doa and prayers or your generous contribution, insyaallah, will help to lighten the burden of Norma and her family. After all, that's the least we can do kan? :) And may Allah grant her health and full recovery, Amin.....

Noormawati Mohd Rasif


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