Ramadhan so far ;)

So, how's your Ramadhan going darling readers? As for me, alhamdulillah, my fasting month has been going well so far. :) Managed to keep my temper level to the very minimal (syukur, and reporting cycle hasn't been shitty jugak), less cursing on the road (haha!) and not a single monster-mama scene happen yet. So yeah, happy for it! 

Except that I haven't had a chance to perform my Tarawih prayers at mosque, mainly because no one is available to look after the boys. Take my kids to masjid? No, worried that I will regret the decision big time. I know that some people might say, "Bawak aja, bagi dekat dengan rumah Allah" and such but yeah, despite of all the good things of bringing kids to mosque, I think (particularly us), the kids should just be left at home until someday when they reach their age of understanding. :) You know, just to be mindful and respectful to others who wants to perform their ibadah. Adam ok lagi, but knowing Aiman who can't even sit still and behave even for a minute, the best option now is to stick praying at home. You wouldn't want to see that out of no where there's one little debab boy crawling next to Tok Imam. Aiman! Aiman! -______-

You know what, for the past 9 days of puasa, I've only been to Bazaar Ramadhan once. Fuh! I think that is the greatest Ramadhan's achievement that I have made in my entire life! :P But hmpphhh...that probably due to crazy-expensive-cekik-darah food stuff. :/ Rendang ayam besar penumbuk Aiman RM3, come on! such a ripoff!

Between, I'm still keeping up with my cereals-or-breads-menu for sahur and goodness, it helps me to lose weight and fit back into few of my pre-pregnancy clothes too! *star jump!* Pre-pregnancy as in after Adam before Aiman, but whatever! :P This time, no supplementary drinks nor baju ajaib needed to shape down a bit as Aiman does his best to keep his mom on the move at all time. Kecuali tidoq. :P
Not to mention that the joyous feel of celebrating Hari Raya has  kicked in too. Everyone is busy checking on their raya stuff; kuih raya, baju raya, duit raya and stuff like that. :P In fact, AH Brother's baju melayu are already hung up in the wardrobe, thank you Whimsigirl for your excellent tailoring job :) Husband and wifey raya outfits soon to be ready for fitting next week, huyehhh! 
Maybe we just need a little bit more of finishing like songkok Aiman, sampin Ayah and tudung blink-blink ShilaShower. Kuikuikui...! Too soon to be excited? Hehe. But please, no "mintak-mak-kuih-sepotong, saya-mahu-makan-kerna-perut-kosong" songs yet okeh, itu macam over sangat nak Syawal. *_____*


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