1st Birthday Party Umar Ilham Majid

This little man has a very unique and classic name kan? Umar Ilham Majid. Pandai parents dia pilih ;)

Liza invited us to her son's first birthday party held at their home last Saturday. I think we were among the first to arrive, hence the reason of balik awal and missed the chance to meet with few other blogger mommies yang datang later. :(

Anyway, it was such an awesome superhero party which I believe Liza and her team had gone all out to make the party alive. Life sized Spiderman wall deco, balloons, cakes and they even had spiderweb hanging from the ceiling! 

Adam totally had a great time during this "hepi beday to you" party but I'm not sure if Aiman ever understood about it, because the only thing that he cares is food. Seriously, he randomly walked from one person to another just to check what they had on their plate and he totally don't mind asking for a bite. -____-" Tak begitu Annasuejie? =P Sorry that you have to share your fish nugget with Aiman T___T

Above all, thank you Liza for having us and not to be forgotten, thanks for the super cool party packs! ;) It's a small back pack yo! And a watter bottle. And a stationery set. Bagus kan? Hehe...

Done with the birthday, sambung jalan dekat Jusco AU pulak.... :P

 Cool kan birthday cake ni? Buttercream tau, bukan fondant. Good because u can eat it all. 
 Mommy & her little hero :)
 Aidan & Adam
 Not enough with the foods, sambung makan mangkuk sekali. :P
 Party setup.

 With Byzura & Liza
See how bersenang-lenang he was :P
 Dengan supermommy!
Awesome party pack kan?

 Drebar bas hensem :P

Wearing my first baju from ThePopLook, hehe...


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