Gastritis and Duodenitis

Hello guys! Sorry for not updating this blog for quite a while. Been busy with works, diaper cakes and few other stuff  *what a cliche answer lah kan* but if only I can say, "Sorry been missing for a week. Went to London shopping2 handbags sebab duit banyak sangat* Hekhekhek!

But seriously, things have been pretty hectic since Raya and it gets even more upside down the moment Aiman got admitted into Pantai Hospital. Well, this little man *just like his Abang Long* likes to put things in his mouth; paper, shoes! nail! (alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened), handphone, remote controls and every other stuff that he feels like chewing. Pick up thing, stuff in his mouth, feel it, taste it and move on to other visible objects that he can grab.
 Bermanja-manja bermengada-ngada dengan nurse :P
 First day. Totally flat.

So, maybe he just gobbled down too much bacteria, more than what his body can take which later caused the non stop vomiting and severe dehydration and ended up at the emergency with gastritis and duodenitis.

Alhamdulillah, that very unfortunate event didn't last long and after we had spent several nights in the ward, he gets completely better now. Aiman is actively back on his feet! Kalau tak, dok terbaring jer... But I guess this little man will never get insaf. The first thing that he stuffed into his mouth lepas buka IV line is his 3-days-tak-basuh-socks! -_____-"

P/S: This is not Rotavirus. He has completed the series, so selamatlah.

P/S/S: He didn't lose his weight. Fuh! Confirm isi pejal ni.

P/S/S: Ibu-ibu bapa-bapa, sila belajar term-term sakit anak and nama ubat in specific, so that General Practitioner dekat klinik tak boleh goreng you suka hati :)

Info: Diarrhea is contagious. The bacteria that caused the infection can easily spread to other people tau? Anything that in contact, basuh baju, toilet seat, faucet handle, door knob and etc.
Anak jer sakit, mak tak. So order lah Nandos Perimedic, hehehe...
Sebab ber-rumah dekat hospital, baju hantar dobi untuk iron. Hehe..


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