Planning for Aiman's birthday party!

It has been a month since Aiman hits his one year mark and ever since that, I have been feeling very guilty for not being able to celebrate the day just like what we did for Adam Haris (yes, Aiman is 13 months young today). Always the issue of being fair, equal and stuff like that, but who doesn't if they were to be in my place. Abang bukan main, Adik tak buat apa. And the fact that we rarely buy new things for Aiman (except FOODS), lagi lah rasa bersalah berbakul-bakul. 

So now, we are finally planning for one, albeit being a little late to celebrate his very special day. I know, the candle blowing event should have taken place a month ago, however both parents were crazy busy with works and haha, budget was another factor that kind of holding us back too, hehehe....Raya AND bashful party, gila kah? T___T

*Putting on my party-planner hat now* Venue booked, birthday cake ordered and later to confirm on balloon sculpture and face painting and photographer bookings. Soon soon...Party printables have been wonderfully designed by MadebyLisha *owhsome!* and this time no Etsy, all purely design buatan Malaysia, hehe.

And this time, I decided to spend a little bit more time to make several of DIY party decorations, you know just to make the whole theme more lively and presentable. Just to name a few; 

Name blocks, but mine is the cheaper version. Guna styrofoam and cake board and it cost me less than RM10 for the five-letter word A.I.M.A.N. The one on Etsy is bloody expensive, satu block USD6, so kalau lima dah USD30 and that without postage fee. 

DIY cupcakes stand. Same, nak beli mahal :P This one cost me no more than RM30 for the materials inclusive premium ribbons and wrapper. ;)

Finally, here a sneak peak of what Kak Lisha has designed for Aiman's party printables. Let's keep the rest of the listing until party is done okies? nanti tak surprise! Hehehe...

Anything for you Aiman, anything. :) 

Question: Where to buy Sesame Street plush toys cap China? Susah betul nak cari sebab currently hit dekat market adalah Angry Birds and Smurf. -____- Sesame Street is so oldies, dah susah nak jumpa dekat kedai. 


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