I just bought myself a...

Paper doll's house set!


During my childhood days, I used to play with paper dolls and I spent hours to draw, to cut and to fold my version of prettiest doll that I ever thought *sadly those days I tak kenal designer brand kan, so I created my own brands lah* :P Fairly inexpensive stuff yet it was a very cool imaginative play kan that time? Sekeping 50 sen jer kot but well, that piece can hardly be seen nowadays.

So, yeahhh! After so many years, like what, 18 years passed, I am so going to build my own paper doll house and place it on my CPU in my office. Yes, TM office. Hekhekhek. I can see that people will soon recognize me as the-kakak-with-paper-doll-house-on-her-CPU. Haha. 

Ado aku kisah? Come on, every once in a while, we should actually indulge ourselves in some simple yet fun activity like this; play like a child thing ;)

Ah, crazy excited to fold it now. Daaaaa~!!

P/S: Dare not to bring it back home as I can see the image of Aiman stomping on my doll house. -____-"


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