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Sunday, 20th November, 12:53am and we both (Aiman & me) are still in ward. I am so mentally drained right now and tired of all this hospitalization thing and that has made my past four weeks the least productive ever for year 2011. All I need now is patience even though I know that most often, patience does not always come easy with  me. :/

To sum up all the petty expenses that I have incurred so far during this hospital stays, I can clearly see that I am totally don't fit to be part of Bangsar community. Hahaha. Come to think of it, mostly everything here is expensive. From the bloody heck RM10 parking fee in front of my office to Nasi Kandar Pelita Bangsar which can easily ditch RM10 out your wallet for only one meal, herghhh tensen okeh. Sudahlah hidup tak effective, duit habis tak tentu hala untuk perkara tidak penting. 

My healthy lifestyle has gone haywire too especially the part when I have to resort for fast food for my lunch and dinner. Eating in cafeteria? Heck, no! Seriously, Pantai management should start considering other food service providers other than Sodexo. Sudahlah harga mahal, makanan standard asrama sekolah tak ada bajet tau tak? That's why I rather tapau my foods from Pelita or Nandos or McD or Chawan. Hmphhh, hopefully my life will get back on its track by Monday and this time, I seriously need to go on diet. And detox. :P Tapi asyik stress, macam mana nak detox nyerr...

By the way, did u guys watch Payung Emas drama shown on tv tadi? So ladies, what's your say? :P I saw most people went berserk on FB  and Twitter over the idea of poligami, bini-cantik-dah-tapi-gatal-nak-kawen-lagi, siap ada yang buat statement "saya tak perlu payung emas" Hehehe...Nama pun Payung Emas, obviously not everyone can afford to have it. Having more than one marriage is not a cool thing to handle. Most often, there will be one party yang akan fail miserably. Even if you men have all the money in the world pun, I personally think that being ADIL is very subjective.

But, I have met someone who probably has secured her own payung emas and that lady is none other than my mother in law. Yes, my MIL. But this is not a recently happen thing lah, lama dah dulu masa kita sekolah rendah. I can't explain in words on how redha she is on every qada and qadar and not a single moment that I ever saw her marah-menjawab-merajuk-tinggi-suara towards my FIL. Marah anak also tak pernah tengok, marah cucu lagi lah takdekkkkk....According to my husband, she once said, "Syurga mama bawak tapak kaki Abah. Kalau Mama marah, habis amal ibadat Mama sebelum ni tak berguna" Sobsss, I don't think I'm strong to be that. Duduk hospital pun dah sakit jiwa, ini kan pulak laki nak kawen lagi. 

In any case, kalau I lah, cerai will not be an option. Banyaklah cantik nak sedekah position Bini Pertama Si Latipah dekat perempuan lain and just to be reasonable sebab dah ada anak-anak, just stay on. But the after effect tak payah cerita, very likely another world war going to explode kot. And maybe I shall teach my AH Brothers to "Mama kasik kamu 3 bulan, kikis Ayah punya harta, bagi sama Mama" if only laki aku banyak harta lah, ekekeke...Sebab most cases I tengok, bila parents cerai, bapaknya suka hati lepas tangan tak bayar nafkah dan senang gembira bersama bini baru. Isk! Tak guna sungguh okeh.

Payung Emas; it's a good drama tho kind of mengundang amukan para bini over FB and twitter lah. Hehehe...I managed to neutralize my emocore-tengok-payung-emas by watching Disney channel right after that, layan cerita Shaun the Sheep ni, lawak sengal kartun tak ada dialog. :P


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