Adam and his lollipop story

One thing that many of you may have not known about Adam Haris is; he doesn't really eat candy and chocolate. Keropok jajan lagi la tak makan. My son is weird, I know. I dare to say that these two items are not even in the list of his favorites pun.

Or maybe because he didn't get to eat anything sweet until he was one and a half, and the fact that we don't really keep junk foods and sweet stuff in our house, so dia pun tak berapa nak expose sangat. I guess that's why he hardly in the mood to eat anything sweet.

Funnily, every time we give him chocolate, he will say, "Taknak, nanti gigi hitam" Because the first time he ate chocolate, dia tengok cermin, gigi adalah semua brown. Hahaha! Then after, terus trauma nak makan chocolate :P

But recently, he just upgraded himself with a new knowledge on lollipop. I'm not sure how he discovered it, but since then, he has been bugging me with "Mama, Adam nak loli-lollipop" *repeat that verse seratus kali* Bingit weh! Ok lah. After  all, I don't see any good reason to completely ban this group of foods kan, anything in moderation is fine, I suppose.
So I bought one. 

Pilihan tak agak-agak. He chose the big round lolly that could possibly take him a month to finish off. Yang mini size tak mau *______* But don't worry, that piece only lasted for about 2 hours before Aiman smashed it hard on the wall and broke into pieces. Poor you lolly.

Of course he was one happy fella on earth bila Mama belikan lollipop. I told him,

"Adam bayarlah sendiri. Adam yang nak makan" but he replied,

"Hmphhhh Mama bayar laaa. Adam lupa mintak duit dekat Ayah. Adam ada dua ratus setengah jer ni" ~___~

Hang nak beli lollipop apa mahai beratus oih? -_____-

But not long after we left the shop, tiba-tiba dia mengamuk!

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Lollipop ni tak boleh makannnnnnnnnnnn!! Kerasssssssss" and he started crying.

Haiyooo. Nak kesian ada, nak gelak pun ada. You know why?

First, he didn't know that lollipop is hard and that he has to lick to taste and not expecting to chew it macam kuih, and second, he didn't even tear that clear plastic wrapper pun! Abes, camno nak makannnnnn?? Of all the things that he has mastered, bukak gula-gula jugak dia tak reti.

Sadly enough, when every other kids of his age knows how pleasure this sugary stuff is, my son doesn't even know how to tear open a candy or chocolate wrapper. Most often, he will just chew the plastic wrapper before complaining that the thing is tasteless. -____-"


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