Am I Eating Enough?

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"Am I eating enough?"

"Is my baby getting enough nutrients?"

Well those are among common questions when we are in the pregnancy zone. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are doing everything wrong. So much of being worried on not eating enough (even though the kg-number on scale keep on increasing every single week T____T ), let alone the question of eating healthy stuff and supplying all the good nutrients that baby needs.

Or what if the mother experience some severe form of morning sickness during the first trimester? Or worse for the whole 9 months? This is quite worrisome because it can interfere with nutrients absorption and cause dehydration and weight loss too.

Having said that, mommy must ensure that they have a good digestive system to pass on nutrients effectively to baby by drinking plenty of water, eating high fibre foods, take food that provides probiotics and prebiotics or seeking for supplement solution for better nutrients absorption.

Water? Yeah we have a continuous supply of that at home. High fibres foods? Green veggies, oats are among of those. Supplement solution? Ok what is that??

Go get your own pack of new Anmum Materna with Probio DR10 and Prebiotic which can help to support good digestive system for optimal nutrient absorption. Probiotic are the good bacteria (Probio DR10 is one of the good bacterias originated from yogurt) whereas Prebiotic provide foods for the good bacteria (probiotic). And here, Anmum Materna has prebiotic named Inulin which came from plant and also a good source of dietary fibre.

Only 2 glasses a day provides the important nutrients that you need throughout the pregnancy (or maybe you are preparing for one). Not only it provides probiotic & prebiotic, but Anmum Materna has all the goodness of folate (to prevent neural tube defect in fetus), Gangliosides, DHA (for brain development), Calcium (for strong bones) and Iron (for red blood cell supply); everything that benefits both mommy and baby :) 

Obviously eating ENOUGH. Hahaha! 


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