Malaysia's very first McCafe in Kota Damansara

As most of you already know, McDonalds Malaysia has officially launched its first McCafe in Kota Damansara last month. My first McCafe experience was in Melbourne but that was what, 4 years ago? T____T Maka dengan itu, McCafe first opening here in Malaysia is definitely a good news for me, especially when considering the cheap price over Starbucks, Coffee Bean and such. Hehe...

Fine. I'm a coffee lover and there is still nothing to beat my favorite Starbucks Vanilla Latte but at least, McCafe frap and iced latte is decent enough to my liking. If not exactly the taste you may have in mind, but trust me they are good enough.


Their frap is a must try! Iced latte was OK-lah but at least I wasn't disappointed. First time first day, nevermind dimaafkan, hehe...Owh! Their mega size chocolate chip muffin was extremely good! Ask them to reheat the muffin and tada!! enjoy your heavenly semi melt chocolate chips that oh-so-nice! Very generous with chocolate chips, puas hati makan.

Except that their only McCafe now is in Kota Damansara. I'm hoping for more McCafes to spring up and hopefully there will be one in Mutiara Damansara :)

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