Year End Holidays! Penang-Alor Setar-Cameron Highlands

Wahahahaha. Kita sapu bersih peta Malaysia tapi Central and up North je lah. South tak sompekkk lah tahun ni. East Malaysia, Sabah dah jadi wakil hehe. To sum up, 2012 closing trip ni memang epic! Sebab I dah strike off satu item from my to-do-list-before-I-die, hehehe. To FLY! (Paragliding!). Well, words definitely can't do justice to describe the whole wonderful experience. It was great and if you ever get the chance to do so, please try it.  Paragliding is something that everybody needs to do at least once. ;) 

Anyway, since Adam has been asking for a plane ride for quite sometime, we decided to take a flight to Penang. WE as in Adam, Aiman and me. Yeah, I'm amazed by myself haha that I can handle my two boys from KL to Penang, on my own! ^_____^ (husband drove from KL to Penang because we still need the car to jalan-jalan kan) We took an early morning flight (7.05am) and the journey was surprisingly smooth as both boys were behaving very well that day (because I was prepared for all the hassle that air travel can be hehe)

Adam as expected, was very excited to see the huge airplane up close (Airasia kan, depan mata haaaa tengok) while Aiman on the other hand, which I thought I will be running after him, in fact was being all nice and manageable. Wahhhh! Kagum sungguh. Akan tetapi rupanyaaaa, that little man was scared of going on a plane!  -_______-" He was scared of flying up high plus the extreme speed during take off and going down the runaway. Isk, tak hensem betul Aiman ni laaa...

Look at his face ~___~"

Alhamdulillah we made it to Penang safe and sound hehe, with everything under control. Husband fetched us from the airport and we then headed to our friend's house in mainland. Tapau-ed breakfast for all of us and decided to just lepak at their place until noon. After all, we still have a few hours to kill before heading back to the island and checking in to the hotel at 2pm.

To be continued, part 2 :) Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Feringgi Penang. 



  1. fullamek.....aiman n adam dh rupa pelancOng dr negara jauh......styLOo gitu...

    best tak makan hangin di penang shila??

  2. Your kids are cute and sweet. :)

    ~ Rockbleeder