Depressed + Annoyed + What??

: : Am I Too Sensetive? : :

Hukhukhuk...Why am I having this such funny feeling about people talking behind my back? Hello Shila, please laaa....Throw away your crazy sensetivity about all those crappy things...But my instinct told me so...Huaarrghhh!! I'm just stress at the moment...And yet the exam is just around the corner with me not preparing for anything....Heh,ingat A++ tu nak turun dari langit ker?? Pemalas la lu ni Shila...The laziness is killing me now...And plus I'm in the middle of taking MICPA Module C or nope...Not sure whether I am really capable and hard working enough to do so....But I have to submit the form to Mr Adam by thursday!!!! Alalalalala....Plus, if I were to take that MICPA paper, my holidays will be gone...What if I fail the paper??? Gilerrr la meee...Takper,nanti nak bertafakur kejap,merenung masa depan dulu...either bercahaya atau gulap gulite jerk! I just don't know what i really want to be...The only job that can fit me well at the moment is housewife~~Housewife with degree ok apa?Hehehe...Stay at home, taking care of my childrens,do all the houseworks and that's what I see myself in a future rite now...How brightless it is...Dah,stop talking and please go and study...Do Aliza's tuto or she might just tendang you out of class!! To Alynn, ekuinoks abis doh, so bleh la study...Because according to Alynn, kalau ekuinoks kita kena berhibernasi...So,meh la blajo AlynnDillot!!!! To Lin, thanks for being beside me in whatever situation that I'm into...To Ina juga coz spending your times to study just to dengar my luahan perasaan...I just love my gurlfrenz a lot and that's it...Thank you...You can dismiss now~~Hehehe


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