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I am so sad, frustated, down, stress, upset and any word that goes the same...My exam was like so goddess hampeh, which make me feel so useless of putting so much efforts into it...I've been studying like days and nights, sleep very late at night and I can't think about any other thing but study for my papers...And I even put aside from thinking about celebrating Me & Kown birthday which falls on 13 & 16 April...But after all, it seems that I didn't do that well as what I supposed to...I'm putting my harapan towards my Advanced Tax paper, which I have to pass no matter what it takes...And for the first time I have such a bad feeling of failing my Securities Investment paper!!!! Huwaaaaa!!! I don't wanna fail and please, I don't wanna break my record when I finally have to sit for a supplementary paper...What else can I do? Just pray to Allah and hoping the good luck to be with me...Alaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Failing to answer the Securities Paper this morning has made all of us gone crazy - Me, Dillot, Azura, Naza, Nigel and most probably the whole class jugak...We went to McD to have our lunch and "Happy Meal" really made us feel better...Me & Alynn finally think of "bubarkan" our genies club at the moment; just to hold it at the moment until God knows when...It just that our club doesn't seem to meet it primary objectives...Adeih...We have just created another club, The Retarded Club - the effect of stressing on Sec Inv final paper...

There are some conditions for you to fulfill before joining the club:
-- Words like like James Bond, put, call, yappp, index, option, covariance, correlation and etc. are all prohibited from being used in your conversation
-- Prerequisite : Not to perform very well in Sec Inv final exam
-- Willing to play at the Mcd playground as if you are 6 years old kids, with no shame at all...
-- Eating McFlurry M&M is against the law of club...

Saye nak ikot pegik Melbourne jugakkkkk!!!! I thought Mama & Abah jer joining the Rombongan Cik Kiah ke Melbourne, tapi rupe2 nya adik sume piiiii....And Abah said to me that I have to stay at home for one week all alone since everybody is going to Melbourne...Arrrkkkkk??? Takot la!!!! Feel so sad...They gonna have such a good time there while me having my stupid damn practical training rite here in KL...Jelessss niiiiiiiiii!!!!! Takper2, I'll go on my own after finishing my practical training...Suraya will be there for a few more years anyway... But I still sedih for that... Sob sob sob sob.


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