: : 8 DAYS TO GO ! : :

-- My current feelings --

Achy Alienated Aloof Anxious Antisocial Asleep Baffled Busy

Burdened Breathless Bloated Blank Bitter Belligerent Callous

Caffeinated Cantankerous Capricious Complicated Conflicted

Confused Cranky Crestfallen Daunted Demure Depressed

Disgruntled Disgusted Disillunated Disoriented Distracted Dizzy

Doubtful Down Dreamy Drowsy Dull Eccentric Eerie Emotional

Empty Exasperate Exhausted Fatigue Fed-Up Feverish Fickle

Flummoxed Forlorn Fragile Frantic Freaked Frightened Frozen

Fat ....To be continued....


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