: : Waiting For The Day After Tomorrow : :

1. Study - 10 Hours per day
--- No movies, No TV, No Dating

2. Study - Malaysian Taxation & Advanced Malaysian Taxation by Choong Kwai Fatt
--- Heh, I did it twice + the one that I did for last three trimesters!!

3. Do all the past year papers - 1997 till 2004 - 16 sets
--- Never had enough time - 3 hours is just like 3 minutes!

4. Do extra notes
--- Yaa laaa, with all my color2 notes all around...

5. Revise past year - again and again and again....
--- Bluekkk!!

6. Study group - Hehehe, of course with Dillot & Azura...
--- Somwhat study laaa....Hehehhe....

7. Khatamkan the MICPA study manual
--- The NO use manual by the way, still have to read the text book...

8. Read the 2004 Budget Commentary
--- I can't believe it - Shila has read the 2004 Msia Budget!! ?????

9. Read the Public Rullings
--- Genius doesn't read Ujang, they read something "genius"

10. Read Mr. Adam's notes
--- It is so berjela jela & ber'pages-pages'

11. Solat Hajat + Tahajud
- Not Yet -

12. Tawakkal
- Not Yet -

I think that I've already done 80% of what I'm suppose to.....Takot.....Then I started to realize why Miss Aliza keep on pot pet pot pet non stop to us....I paid for this exam & I'm trying to maximize the value for what I've already paid....I still remember when Miss Aliza said, "You gonna put more efforts + values when you paid for your own studies...." -- She did it for her master; in UK....Now I get what she meant....Yer laa, all this while Telekom paid for me, plus giving me the RM600 monthly allowance for FREE....Never to care for what the study fees it takes....Maka, hargailah $$$$ anda...Just a words from a friend of mine ---"GAMBATE KUDASAI, HAVE PRIDE IN YOUR PREPARATION.....DON'T EXPECT FOR SUCH AN EASY QUESTION LIKE NOV 2004, BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORST...." Okiess,preparing my mind, body and soul for the worst, for what ever it takes...Dare to Fail....


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