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: : Wedding of Abim & Mikho : :

Nazim is married...I was like so shocked when Mama told me, "Lerr, Nazim la yang kawin...Bukan abang dia..." Erkkk??? I thought it was your bro's wedding day...Anyway, congratulations to Nazim & Mikho and hopefully you guys gonna have such a wonderful life together - once you pop, you can't stop!! hehehehe....But then, why it has to be Abim?? The guy that appeared in my head with his words "Tona Tiri Tona Tanan" which means kona kiri kona kanan...No more being kanak2 ribena but a husband to Mikho...Jodohkan...Abim was my schoolmate from the primary school days until form 3....Besides, he was into Nur, hehehee...He sang a song to Nur - Lagu Tiara tu hah in a way to tackle Nur but too bad, he was rejected...Kihkihkihkih...But it was way back in our childhood days...And still, that's Abim, not Eddie or Arief, or Hisham, or Adi, or Rizal or whoever that I think matured....Heh?? Yer ker matured??? Ampeh...Or even my neighbours, Zamri or Ahmad Shah...Iskiskiskisk....Jodoh Nazim kan...Then I start to wonder, who will be next & when is my turn??? Hukhukhukhuk... Gemokz might be tercekik reading my words... :D...Since I am so demanding with the 5 digits hantaran, heh I can safely say that kawin lambat laaa cheq...



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