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Huuuuuaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh......Lamenyer tak update blog!! It's like moving from zaman dinosour to zaman Neolitik.....Ever since my Module C exam, I never had a time to think about blogging....I did, but somehow I have such a LIMITED time to update my blog....Just a few days after the exam, I started my practical training which is like.....???? Unexplainable anyway....Tired, exhausted, annoyed, stress up like mad, macam-macam adaaaaa~~~

I do mostly everything - audit, tax, account, management & etc....And proudly to say, I even qualify the financial statements + do the creative accounting....Hahahahaha!!!See how proud I am to do all those GOOD works??? I'm just like a zombie, wake up at 6 am, go to work, back home at 10 pm, sleep and the cycle repeat again and again...Takder life tahap babun dah nih...No more time to gossip, movie, berangan or even SHOPPING walaupun KLCC hanya sejengkal jer nih hah...

MICPA dah kompem fail...hukhukhukhuk....Sad to say, tapi have to admit jer laa....Tapi kurang sikit sedih, sebab I sure don't want to be an auditor....NO WAY...Maybe I should force Encik Gemokz to work harder, earn extra money, do some great business, jadik Datuk ker, so that I don't have to work in future & jadik surirumah jerrr....Hhehehehehe...That's my last plan - Plan D...

Till here and sambung di lain tahun....In addition to that, I just realized that the world has become even smaller when I found out Ayuni; my friend way back in standard 4-5, is Zamri's girlfriend; my neighbour next door.....Kalau tau, dari zaman kanak2 ribena dah recommend dah...Anyway R-U, Zamri is a good neighbour...Heheheheh


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