: : WE DID IT DILLOT !!!! : :
28 July is such a ???? day to me...Rushing for the due date to lodge the financial statements, abah's birthday and the MICPA is out!!!! Pass with the flying colors...Hehehhe...Alhamdullillah...Finally, I found out something, that shows me that this is the way that I should go to...Like my bestfriend said to me a few days ago, "Shila, pegik la jadik auditor, kalau tak macam mana nak beli kasut Prada???" ...Huh?? Thanks to my Gemokz, it's really worth it for you since I shouted, screamed, yelled and mad at you almost every night - due to the sydrom of M.I.C.P.A unstable brain....Thanks to my parents, friends, Dillot of course, Mr. Adam & Ms. Aliza - My very best lecturers ever and semua pihak yang telah menjayakan peperiksaan M.I.C.P.A saye....Anyway, I'm still in the office at this 1 o'clock in the morning, aarrggghhhh!!! Auditor is a no life human being, verrryyyy2 plain people...huhuhu.....ok, continue later, have to settle up all my 10 financial statementsssssssssss!!!!!!!


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